Business Phone Systems for Virtual Offices


CFBTel offers a wide variety of cloud based communication services that is perfect for a brick and mortar location or a slew of virtual offices. Whether your company’s call center is located on a large sales floor or each employee is working from their home office, you’ll be able to monitor your employees and communicate with all of your clients with ease. While we recognize that it is oftentimes important to have a concrete location where you can meet with clients and conduct business in person, the advantages of virtual offices cannot be overstated.



Business can be conducted from anywhere. Whether you’re on the go in town, on a business trip a few states over, or you need to dial in on a conference call while on vacation (it happens to the best of us!), using a virtual office with cloud based communication enables you to do so. Virtual offices also come in handy when a child is sick and needs to stay home from school or if you’ve got to spend a large part of your day waiting on a plumber to come fix an emergency leak. Being able to access the same tools at home as you do in the office promotes seamless customer service.


CFBTel guarantees 99.999% reliability of interrupted service. Because our services are hosted in the cloud, communications can remain online even in the midst of serious weather issues or even power outages. When your information is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. Customers will be able to count on you no matter where you are. This is just one way you’ll be able to see your business thrive and grow.


Our services are available for small, medium-sized, or large (enterprise) companies. All of our products are easy to scale and can grow right along with your business. For an affordable monthly fee, you’ll have access to all of the features you need to run your company effectively and efficiently.

Are you ready to try it for yourself? Contact CFBTel today for a free quote and to see what a virtual office can do for you.


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