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What is the Best Online Phone Service for Your Small Business?

Traditional and online phone systems
Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Choose the best online phone service for your small business.

Being available and communicating with customers is very important for small businesses. But sometimes, employees of one organization (even small companies) could not be able to take care of every single call.

Besides, working hours are limited, and other topics need to focus on growing the business. Therefore, using some online phone service for small businesses would be a great option.


Some small business owners try diverting calls to voicemail, which would be giving off the wrong first impression.  Thankfully, today there are several types of call answering services to choose from.

Online phone service known as virtual assistants would be solutions that receive calls and relay messages to you. This would eliminate the need for voicemail and give a comfortable space for the customer.

So, no matter where you are, all the customers could access your business. The online phone services can range from simple call answering to virtual response and outsourced call centers.

Choose the best online phone service for your small business.

Online phone service for business

These services come with a lot of advantages; affordable, time-saving, and reliable. It is much cheaper compared to hiring a full-time employee. And you get to have more time to focus on other topics, which leads to growing the business. And the customer feels more secure and safe to communicate.

However, training staff with all your business protocols and your work routine may be so time-consuming. If you assign a budget to pay for the answering service, you can actually earn more money on your small business.

As you may know, hiring a virtual receptionist is free, but having a live person to answer your business phone, taking messages, and planning for your appointments for you. With this, you can manage your time more freely, and the customer would be more satisfied.

The bottom line is that you can take all the extra time to focus on your business development and make more money. With some research, you can find the best online service for small businesses and choose what is suits you the most.

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Online phone service for business


Traditional and online phone systems

Despite the size of the business and your routine business plan, you may sometimes get confused about the range of telephone system solutions available in the market. Mainly there are two types of telephone systems for small businesses, and each has its advantage and disadvantages.

There would be a need to have a physical phone system installed in traditional phone systems and have an employee manage the calls. Traditional phone systems would be costly for small businesses due to the material types of equipment.

Online phone system (known as VoIP) for small business is provided via the internet, and all the maintenance and repairs to the system are kept to a bare minimum.

One of the most significant benefits of online phone service for small businesses is the budget and cost. Compare to traditional phone services, online services id much cheaper.

With an online phone system, you can access the phone system wherever you are, with less cost.

Besides all the advantages, the main drawback of online phone services for small businesses is that it becomes less cost-effective if you require many users/seats to be added to the system.

phone solution


Which type is right for your business?

When it came to choosing the right type of phone service and identifying the best phone system for small businesses, there is no decisive answer.

Based on the company’s different requirements and styles, you may consider some vital elements to choose what is right for your business.

  • Staff numbers

The cost-effective phone service system for small businesses would depend on the number of the company’s users and staff. Typically if your business has more than 30 people, some on-site system might be the best solution. But if you have fewer users, a hosted VoIP system is usually more suitable.

  • Remote employee

If your business is based on remote work, the best option for you is online phone services; it might be costly to add remote workers to a traditional on-site system.

  • Flexibility and maintenance
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if you decided to have traditional phone services, naturally, it would require maintenance and repairs. Besides, it can be challenging to make changes to the conventional system. But in the online phone services update, the system would make all the changes, and it is more flexible.

Which type is right for your business?


Review of the best phone service for small businesses

Moneypenny PA

Over 13.000 companies trust Moneypenny across the UK. It is an award-winning online phone service. This service gives full access to online calls and message logs. As a business owner, you can always remain informed at all times. Moneypenny can also book an appointment directly into your calendar, and the package comes with useful features.

The price plan is based on call volume, and all the packages work in a small team of four to ensure unity of services. Above all, you can experience full service free for a week without obligation to continue and agree.

CFBTEL Online Phone Service

Move your current PBX to the CFBTEL cloud phone system or get a hosted VoIP system to replace it with enterprise business phone systems. Get all the modern cloud phone system features and a whole lot more.

Call recording, voicemail management, web browser management, etc., are features that CFBTEL.COM offers.

Allday PA

AlldayPA offers businesses everything that they need to continue. Online phone services including from simple answering service to an outsourced call center. Their team is trained professionals and can manage calls 24/7. Every call will be answered within three rings, so customers aren’t kept waiting.  Being available assures you that you would never be ignored.

The virtual office software puts you in the center of the controlling messages and calls data. You can easily manage calls and set your availability.

Take my call

Take my call specialty is in the small business that keeps missing calls from potential customers.

The pricing offers with simple option; you can pay monthly or pay as you go. If your business grows and receives more calls, you can easily switch your plan.

Take my call online phone service is a straightforward telephone answering service that would be a big help.

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Nextiva is one of the most reliable online phone services in the market, and there is no need for an annual contract to use their service. Their offer comes with impressive features like auto-attendant, unlimited call and unlimited fax, advanced call management, etc. also, you get a toll-free number with no charge with all their plans.

When you request a service, some automatic features become available; for instance, you can set up an action to happen at a specific time or get automatic notifications when a new sale is made.

Nextiva would be a suitable option for startups, small businesses, and professionals.


The RingCentral is known for being easy to use; it is flexible and offers different plans. Whether you start your business or managing large companies, you can use their secure and reliable online phone service.

It is so easy to set up and activate the service within a few minutes. And be sure that you can always ask for help from the teams.

Call monitoring, call forwarding, call routing, automatic call recording. Video conferencing and screen sharing are some useful features of the RingCentral service.

Using the RingCentral online phone service comes with many features and offers, making it much easier to expand your business. The only concern would be the price. However, you can use their annual plan to reduce your expenses. They also offer cloud PBX.

If you wonder which is the cheapest VoIP provider, the answer is among all t service online phone service providers,  is one of the most affordable services for small businesses.

Call forwarding, caller ID, Call waiting for service, text messaging, voicemail, etc., are the features and benefits that offers. Also, you get at least one local or toll-free number with all their plans. is a cost-effective service; the plan starts from $12.99 per month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, Their basic strategy has a limitation of  300 minutes and 3000 SMS. If you want more, you have to upgrade to a higher plan to increase the limit.


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