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Business Broadband Services​

Affordable and Reliable Business Internet​


Keep Your Business Connected.​

Choose CFBTEL broadband internet speeds, plans, and technologies, including Asymmetrical Ethernet, DSL, Broadband Business Fiber, and Cable, to match your bandwidth demands at budget-friendly price points.

CFBTEL offers broadband Internet coverage nationwide, giving multi-location businesses the flexibility to select the Internet service. Your business demands fast, reliable Internet service and our flexible plans are designed to deliver.

Business-grade speed and 24/7 support to help keep your business moving forward.

Benefits Of CFBTEL Business Broadband Internet

Vendor Consolidation​

Alleviate complex challenges associated with managing multi-vendor environments by working with one nationwide provider.​

99%+ Guaranteed Reliability

Depend on CFBTEL Broadband Internet for more uptime, so you can perform at your best.

Security Suite

Web threats, such as phishing, viruses, and hackers, are evolving daily and can threaten your company's valuable data and disrupt your network.


Asymmetrical Ethernet

Speeds From 25X5 Mbps To 1000X50 Mbps

Affordable, dedicated bandwidth with business-class uptime guarantees. Ideal for businesses that have higher downstream than upstream traffic demands, such as customers that heavily use off-premises server and services or have no servers on premises; customers with non-mission critical applications; branch offices that access applications from headquarters; and remote office locations that upload limited amounts of content.

Download Speeds To 1 Gbps

Cable Internet offers high-speed access available extensively throughout the United States at affordable price points. Ideal for businesses or smaller locations requiring faster download than upload speeds. Suitable for supporting online collaboration and file sharing among many users, data backup, and website hosting.
Dedicated ADSL

Download Speeds To 75 Mbps

Value service offering with speed, reliability, and throughput of ADSL without phone service from a local phone company. Backed by uptime and service repair guarantees, Dedicated ADSL is well suited for small businesses or home offices with basic business needs such as email and web browsing.
Broadband Business Fiber

Download Speeds To 1 Gbps

Broadband Business fiber offers high speed access over a 100% fiber network at a low-cost. Available in many areas at both symmetrical and asymmetrical speeds, it is suitable for locations with high-bandwidth needs for non-mission critical applications.

Get A Complete Office Solution

Healthcare Firm Experiences A Network Evolution

UCOSC simplifies vendor management while giving employees a consistent, high-quality communication and network experience across its four office locations. Learn how UCOSC evolved its network with CFBTEL Internet, Voice, Fiber-optic, and Managed WiFi.

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