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Business Continuity & Connectivity​

CFBTEL will do anything to ensure that there’s no impact on our customers when something happens

We Help Your Business Stay Open

We provide effective IT solutions for any business or organization; we specialize in small to mid-sized business industries, and non-profit organizations offer Hybrid Cloud, Phone System, Computer Security Software, Internet Connection, and many more managed IT services.

Redundant Internet

Knowing that even when a primary internet fails, there is internet redundancy with a top provider of failover internet service is not only peace of mind; it is the ability to continue to do business uninterrupted.

business service

Secure, Remote Work Access

Allow employees to securely access your corporate network for internal files and documents, while reducing the business risk associated with remote access.

Network Limitations

Take the guesswork, risk, and hassle out of your network performance, while keeping your business operational. Our experts manage every aspect of the process including deployment, monitoring, and support.

business continuity
business continuity

Reliable Phone System

If you could give your employees a tool to help them work faster and more efficiently, would you do it? Of course, you would! A Hosted Phone System is that tool.

Get Help With A Custom Solution

We listen to our customers’ business challenges and offer technology options to address efficiency,
productivity, security, and budget issues.

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