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Connect all of your business locations securely and collaborate more effectively

Our Solution Is Built Specifically For You​



Protect company and customer data, and promote regulatory compliance using Fusion Connect fully-managed and secure services.



Expertly designed solutions. Industry-leading Service Level Agreements. Expert U.S.-based tech support, available 24/7.


Guaranteed Performance

One provider for multiple services reduces the time you spend managing providers, invoices, and getting support.

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Solutions By Remote Work​

We now live in the age of remote working and mobile offices. With CFBTEL’s remote work solutions, you can ensure that your organization can provide employees with the freedom to work remotely.

Simplify Communications​

Improve productivity and mobility with enterprise-grade calling and mobility features. Easily scale as you grow with cloud-based services.

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Ensure Business Continuity

Avoid downtime and keep the doors open. Business continuity solutions like cloud voice and SD-WAN keep you connected.

Network & Data Security

Avoid cyber threats and secure your data. Deliver optimal network protection and performance.

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