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Comparing Landline Phone and VoIP Phone

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Posted on Mar 13, 2021

best landline phone service for small business

After setting your idea and managing your business, it would be necessary to install a landline phone. Landline, mainline, or fixed-line is the basis of the telephone, made of wire or fiber optic cable to transmit voice and data. The difference between landline and cellular lines is that cellular lines use radio and waves to transfer data and information.

Around 200 years ago, alexander graham bell invented the telephone. From the beginning to the 1900s, telephones involves two-piece devices; rotary dial phone and push-button phone. In the late 1980s, the cordless phone shows up, and by the beginning of the 90s, the first cellular phones were marketed with the first smartphone in 1992 called Simon, which IBM developed.

In the beginning, original cellular telephones and smart devices were bulky with thick antennas. The Simon phone had a touch-screen and built-in calculator, calendar, games, address book, and email. We see how smart devices surround us since then, and landline phones have started to fade away.

landline phone

what statics say about landline and VoIP services?

Based on a Facebook report in 2013, approximately 1.263 billion homes had main telephone lines worldwide, and by 2008 1.27 billion landing phone service subscribers. The research shows that around  26% of American families left the landline phone service and prefer to rely on wireless services. Now, with these statics, we would think that the landline phone has started to extinct! Besides the fact that many people left landline phone service and started using a wireless telephone, several people start using online-based VoIP phones and software like Skype or Gtalk.

VoIP phones are like wireless phones with a tiny difference that VoIP phones are plugged into the computer through a USB port. Applications like Skype have video capabilities and conference group call features; other services like yahoo and AOL also offer video chat.

With online services (voice and video chat) and VoIP phones growing, more people consider canceling their landline phone services because they rarely use them.

On the other hand, those who keep their landline phone services take advantage of mobile phones and home phone providers’ package deals. These packages usually bundle landline phone service, mobile phone service, internet, and digital TV service.

However, VoIP phones are a popular service nowadays, but it has its flaws; with this service, there is no way to dial emergency. Emergency centers go through lots of difficulties locating wireless calls. And for this particular reason, several people keep their landing phone services.

traditional phone system

What is the outcome of canceling landing phone services?

When technology comes in, security and being safe walkout, landline phones are hard to hack; on the other hand, VoIP phone systems are an easy target for hackers to gain data and information through wireless phones.

Indeed, landline phone systems have minor interference and compare to VoIP and wireless services. And the other issue is about some dead zone wireless, which it would not a stable Wifi connection.

The most significant advantage of VoIP phones is cheap. They are less expensive than landing phones, and generally, they cost under $10 per month with various features like the long-distance plan, caller ID, voice mail, and call forwarding. You can use the service with your computer or smart devices wherever there is a Wifi connection.

Disadvantages of landline phone system

The most crucial disadvantage of the landline phone is the long-distance plans. Most people complain about the expensive cost, and by the end of the month, additional cost would not be satisfying.

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Generally, VoIP phone services are much cheaper, and there is an argument that if the mobile phone can do more, why many people still keep landline phones.

time is valuable

Landline phone subscribers usually struggle with an automated message center and would have to hold about 15 minutes every time they have an issue. Well, it is not ideal for wasting more time every time you need to solve a problem.

extra features cost more

Typically landline phone service companies push the subscribers to purchase additional benefits as a contract bundle like digital TV packages and internet services. The concept of forcing to have this addition would make people uncomfortable and unsatisfied about using landline phone services.

distance is an issue

Access is the critical central feature these days, and landline phone service nature is not compatible with it. By a 2,000 feet distance from, headset base, the connection would be lost. Besides, the answering machine might break down and make the messages unintelligible.

unnecessary calls

You may have to face annoying calls by groups of people that try to sell something to you. And these calls could get very irritating, at least with the mobile phone; there are some ways to block and prevent them from calling. Also, by moving to a new house, you may have to go through many calls to speak to previous owners.

business phone system

Does your business need a landline phone number?

During this time of the world, you might still need a landline phone system. Especially now with the covid-19 and all the communication applications like Zoom. WhatsApp, Teams, and intelligent devices might need to communicate with the office via the phone system.

The following are the reasons why your business still needs a landline phone service.

  • Gain trust; most scammed is happening via a mobile number and client would find hard to believe that your business is legitimate.
  • Humanity; most customers and clients prefer to call and talk to a human over the phone when a critical decision should be made.
  • Quality; mobile reception is often variable. VoIP landline offers a better call quality.
  • Search engines; search engine like google retains a phone number, an important factor in local searches, and not having a phone number in your internet presence may consider a red flag.
  • Particular timing; If your business doesn’t have a landline phone system, your employee would need to give out their mobile number or have two separate mobiles that one is for personal and the other is for work. Mixing personal and professional time would make

phone solution

The best telephone solution

Every business needs the best communication tools to make the best result and find a way to grow. Now is the best time to replace analog and old systems with new ones. With the new and modern design, your business would reduce costs and increase flexibility and productivity.

Cloud-hosted VoIP offers to be flexible and portable without eliminating the landline number. A cloud-hosted VoIP phone can be plugged into any broadband connection and operates as if you are in your office.

With landline phone services, every call can be initiated from the computer and works just like softphones. It would give all the flexibility for every future problem.

Think about what you need for your business. Is it necessary that every desk have a particular phone? If so, start with the mainline and continue to see what your business site is more active and requires a phone line. Then go for the shared phone in less active departments. Remember that some clients provide a phone with important suppliers to build a strong relationship and boost communication service tracking.

best phone solution

Best landline phone services for small business

Every small business would embrace every product that comes at a lower cost. Sometimes, traditional ways of mixing modernity could create productivity. A timely and proper business phone service makes it easy to manage and run a complete PBX business system using internet technology and provides a comprehensive range of features with a traditional PBX price.

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Like every other product, business phone service has changed through time, and over decades several features add to the system and suitable for a modern office. Cloud services are now replacing old and clunky hardware (PBX phone system) with new and current business phone systems.

What are the advantages of using landline phones?

VoIP services replaced the old desk, and there is no need to have many phones and wires over every desk. Employees can use their mobile phone to use an app and join the company’s unified communication network, whether for calling a client at a conference or managing and updating other collaborate on a project.

A lot of experience shows that timely phone service would increase the productivity of the employees. Besides, cloud-based phone services can be very cost-effective as well. Setting up is usually straightforward and simple, as it needs little more than signing up to digital service and then accessing it once paid for. All there is a small configuration setting, and in a few minutes, you can have a complete package service phone system.

Various services usually provide different price plans; you can evaluate all the offers and decide what comes best. Cost directly depends on what you request to have. If you think about ordering a business phone service following, you can help you pick the exemplary service you can use.

voip phone system

why and when you need a business phone service?

The first and foremost two questions you should ask are why and when you need a business phone service? Typically you can add your landline or mobile phone number to your system to receive calls from customers. And by having phone business phone allows you to do the following:

  1. You can track every detail like call duration, wait time, hold time, and usage.
  2. You can use various features like call waiting, inbound call routing, call forwarding, call recording, caller ID, and many more that would make everything easy.
  3. There is a possibility to share one business phone number among several users at the same time.
  4. You can choose to receive and make calls on your desired device, whether you and your employee want to work via your computer, mobile device, or desk phone.
  5. There is no need to call an IT technician whenever you want to add a new employee.
  6. With a business phone system transmitting voice over the internet, you can take local numbers anywhere you want, and a high-speed internet connection is all you need.

Small businesses or online stores could benefit from a professional business phone service to grow and build better customer relations with professional sales.


Many reviews show that Nextiva would be a convenient service in terms of features and ease of use. They provide many features with reasonable cost and quick setup. The setup comes with an easy admin access panel to manage to work on various platforms straightforward.

Nextiva phone service offers advanced call routing, voicemail, email and text, and so many features to small businesses. Also, you can get a toll-free number, free number porting, and all the standard features. As a platform, Nextiva also provides powerful features like live chat, CRM, call analytics, online surveys, and other solution that could be helpful.

Their phone call quality is good, the VoIP solution and customer service representative are always helpful. A small business owner could use these features, add a business line, send and receive calls outside the office, and work remotely without sharing your mobile number.

The expert believes that Nextiva would be a suitable choice for small businesses with affordable plans.


RingCentral is another business phone provider for companies from small businesses to large enterprises. They offer the best features for small businesses. Their business phone platforms include all the standard functionality, including unlimited calling, call forwarding, call waiting and transfer, and share one line with multiple collaborative users. Apart from that, you can use video conferencing with chare screen and integrations with Gsuite, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other services. It comes with an intuitive cloud-based administration that makes it super easy to set up and manage your calls.

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RingCentral also offers an extra feature; with additional payment, you get a vanity number for your business, allowing you to have a memorable and catchy business phone number.

The RingCentral phone service offers both physical and virtual business phone systems. It could be compatible with your old telephone system and use the virtual phone system via RingCentral desktop and mobile app.

RingCentral is one of the most popular business VoIP platforms, and they have an extensive app integration directory. This would provide communication with other services for an automatic transcript, call recording service, voice-over, and everything that could be set with call center software, leading to an integrated customer contact center.

best business phone service


Which is the exemplary business phone service?

It would take a lot of research to choose the exemplary business phone service. Evaluate their plans and features. Remember that if there is an option to set a business phone line that works on your cell phone, take it. It would allow you to work from everywhere and communicate with your client easily.

Business phone system FAWQs

Business phone systems have helped several business owners to boost their business needs. You may start to think about requesting a business phone system and question the whole concept. Below are some of the most frequent questions about VoIP business phone service and system providers.

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol known as VoIP is a technology that provides send and receive a phone call over the internet, instead of traditional phone lines.

VoIP is cheaper or landline phone?

VoIP phone systems are more cost-effective than landline because it uses the same internet and network connection that you use. There is no need for a different system or hardware; lessens internal IT and support burdens would make it easy to workflow with VoIP phone business service. An ordinary landline phone charges extra for features like call transfer, music on hold, etc. In contrast, these advanced features on business VoIP are included in your service, and you can save up for other components.

Is it possible to switch from landline to VoIP?

Yes, you can easily switch your landline system to an online business VoIP. All the business phone providers make converting landline to VoIP process easy. Also, you can keep the same business phone number.

Are cordless phones reachable in VoIP business phones?

Yes, it would be possible for you to use your existing cordless phones and desk phones with most business VoIP services. If you are currently using an analog telephone or BPX setup, you could use a VoIP adapter to keep your old business phone system.

What are the disadvantages of VoIP phones?

With VoIP phone services, you can send and receive calls over the internet, and maybe the most significant disadvantage of VoIP would be the quality of calls. If the internet connection is weak, the call rate would not be as good as a reliable landline phone.

Suppose your business faces a power outage, a backup battery for your internet router. With this solution, your business would not experience call dropping. And this is a simple solution to mitigate the disadvantage of the VoIP phone system and enjoy the countless pros.

You get all the advanced call features such as music on hold, auto-attendant, call routing, extension dialing, etc., flexibility without the high cost of landing phones.


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