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Data Center Services

The future-ready data center provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructure that is capable of responding to disruptive change

Digital Transformation Demands on the Data Center

Digital transformation relies on the capabilities of backend systems, such as the data center. For example, as edge computing changes the way companies engage with users and customers by moving data processing to the edge of the network, it also creates the demand for increased scale and speed of performance.
DevOps is another area that must be supported by new approaches to the data center. Private, public, and hybrid cloud models support DevOps through scalability and infrastructure flexibility.
However, data center environments also need to provide reliability, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery, as well as support for data-intensive applications.
The data center must be equipped to handle edge computing, advanced applications, and software-defined solutions while still leveraging investments in traditional applications.


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CFBTEL offers a wide range of data center services to companies, and to individuals who are passionate about tech. Whether you're looking at our Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud services, web hosting plans, virtual data centers.

Our Worldwide Network

Our international presence is partly due to our fiber optic infrastructure which we have deployed globally. Our network allows us to deliver an impeccable quality of service to our customers, wherever they may be.

High-volume Server Production

We are in charge of the whole process of Internet hosting, from the assembly of our own servers, to the production and the maintenance of our data centers. We can therefore guarantee high quality services and competitive prices.

Constant Innovation

We apply strict measures to lower our environmental impact. Back in 2003, we created an exclusive cooling system for our servers. Over time, we kept improving our cooling and ventilation techniques, so that we could stop using air conditioning units completely.

Optimizing Your Costs

Our servers are manufactured externally, datacenters are leased from third parties, and so is the network, supplied as a turnkey solution from subcontractors. As a result of this, the prices you pay for your services are hard to guarantee and maintain at a competitive level.

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