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Difference between DSL and fiber optic internet

Pros and cons of fiber optic internet service
Posted on May 19, 2021

Internet is a permanent part of our daily life today; you can not eliminate it. It is the most critical part of our routine life that needs special attention. The internet transmitted data via radio waves, phone lines, cable networks, and electrical wiring in place.

Most data transfer between electronic devices using physical wires and cable, DSL and fiber are the most common type of wiring of internet services.

DSL vs. fiber optic

Different internet service, different speed rate

Among all internet services, fiber optic internet connection delivers the fastest download and upload speeds, and Cable internet and DSL come after it. Usually, the is speed rate is offering between 250-1000 Mbps. The average rate of cable and DSL is in the 25-500 Mbps range. However, cable and DSL upload speeds usually are lower and could be in the 5-30 Mbps range. And when there is a topic of cost, fiber is a bit higher but worth service and reliability.

Everything about DSL connection

Here is about the difference between DSL and fiber optic internet, and the first and most important one is speed. Meanwhile, fiber optic is the fastest internet service, DSL is placed as slowest, and its max speed is about 35 Mbps. And fiber is almost reaching 400 times faster than DSL internet service.

DSL internet service offers download speed in the 5-35 Mbps range, and upload speeds are generally in the 1-10 Mbps range. DSL services are offering by phone companies and bundle with phone services. The rate is not enough, but it is cheap.

DSL transfers data over the copper phone line and coverage nationwide. Latency and lower bandwidth might be lower than cable and, of course, fiber. And the speed is very depending on the distance between provider’s local and your place.

What you need to know about fiber internet service

What you need to know about fiber internet service

Fiber internet download can be reached from 250-1000 Mbps. On the opposite of DSL or cable internet service, fiber optic providers offer symmetrical internet service, which means the upload and download speeds are the same.

Fiber optic internet is the newest and modern technology in the market, and you can search and find out which providers can offer you to have this system for your business. Fiber optic internet can be a valuable tool for those businesses that deal with the internet or customers online, making all the tasks so much easier.

Although the fiber internet is costly, high speed would solve all the latency issues or delay sending large format files. Another interesting point about fiber optic is that your connection won’t be slow; no matter if you get far from your ISP, you would use and enjoy the internet rate you request.

The only downside of fiber optic internet service is the coverage. Although most of the state and big cities have the range to provide fiber optic but not everywhere is possible to have and use fiber optic internet service.

There are some facts you need to know about fiber optic internet service

  • It would deliver data over fiber optic cables
  • It is the most reliable proof technology
  • Distance is not an issue and won’t affect the speed

What is the best option for you?

If you are still wondering what the best option is, read the following and think about your need and what you want from the internet.

DLS could be a better option if you don’t need much of the speed and just use the internet for daily routines like checking emails, sending photos, and checking social media. Indeed you won’t have a fast connection to surf the web or collaborate with others. DSL internet service would just cover your basic needs.

On the other hand, fiber optic is the best option for heavy internet users, especially for those who play online games or stream videos on multiple devices needing a superfast internet rate. All you have to do is checking if the internet service provider would offer fiber optic internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of DSL internet

Advantages and disadvantages of DSL internet


  • It is highly affordable and cheap
  • It is widely available almost everywhere
  • Every client would have a dedicated connection


  • Long contracts would not let you use alternative option
  • You would have a slow connection using internet service
  • In case of a massive storm, your connection might be lost

Pros and cons of fiber optic internet service

Pros and cons of fiber optic internet service


  1. Superfast internet speed is essential pros
  2. Symmetrical internet, which means you have the same download and upload speed
  3. Fiber optic internet is highly reliable


  1. It is expensive and not affordable for most of the users
  2. It is not available everywhere


Based on consumer’s experience, fiber optic internet’s significant advantage is super fast speed and resilience. Fiber optic is unaffected by electromagnetic interference like copper, making it much more resilient to outside factors. The bottom line is that fiber optic has a few cons worth having, and you would enjoy surfing the web, working, and transmitting extensive data in a blink via it.


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