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Do You Know How Much The Fiber Internet Cost?

Fiber optics path cord and light digital signal concept - Fiber Internet Costs
Posted on Jan 2, 2021

Fiber internet costs can be higher than copper cables because of the new cabling and equipment required. It also depends on the amount of data usage, speed, data capacity. Here we will discuss the fiber optic internet price and will know more about the contributing factors.

Fiber Internet Cost – Installation

According to Datareportal in Q3 2019 stats, 4.333 billion active internet users exist around the world. As you know, there are 7.74 billion people in the world. If we assign each active internet connection to one person, approximately 56 percent of the population uses the internet.

A vast majority of these users are constantly in demand for more speed, better quality, and broader bandwidth. Fiber optic internet meets all those needs.

When a fiber optic is delivered to the customer, in addition to the Internet, the digital telephone line and Internet TV can also be available over the same FTTH fiber optic base. learn more in Fiber Internet How It Works 

One reason why fiber optic wiring cost is higher than copper is that ordinary people can’t do fiberglass installations because of fiber optic cables’ sensitive nature. It is obligatory to ask a trained and professional installer to perform it correctly.

Fiber optics are network cables with enormous bandwidth capability and high performance over long distances. Inside the fiber optic cables, a group of glass fiber strands transmits light data pulses at extremely high speeds. Any installation step is vital in the final performance.

If there is a problem with the installation, even the best-manufactured fiber optics will not provide high quality.

Fiber Internet Costs - optical network cabling in residential areas.

Installation Plan

The first step in registering for fiber internet is to check for fiber access near you. Users must check whether or not the service is available in the area before installation. There are many websites you can see if fiber internet is available in your area by entering your zip code.

If it is possible to use this high-speed service, the ISP must first determine the nearest fiber optic distribution box and then proceed to fiber optic cabling from the box to the house or company.

An ONT terminal is necessary on the exterior wall of the building. One of the main parts of fiber internet cost is cabling expenses. For the best performance, expert technicians change all conventional telephone lines with fiber optic cables.

As mentioned, professional technicians should perform cabling. Even if the user can install it himself, some ISPs don’t let the user do the cabling or even prepare equipment from a third party supplier.

Because they guarantee network performance with their qualified equipment and installation standards, although it may increase the fiber internet cost, the resulted quality is worth it. Design documentation will help providers identify problems before starting the installation, which may reduce fiber internet costs.

Providers will get assured that the plan will meet all communicational needs. This plan also helps in evaluating the fiber internet cost. Some main parts of the installation plan are as follows:

  • Endpoints
  • Connection points (Joints)
  • Route of the cables
  • Construction for placing cables in the wall
  • Construction for placing cables in other locations such as pipes and ducts
  • List of required equipment and their number

If your FTTX construction needs any digging to install the fiber into the ground or walls or there are unusual obstacles in the cabling path, installation costs will rise.

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Types Of Fiber Optic Cables Passageways In The Building

Technicians must design fiber optic cable pathways and place cables in a safe position. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Execution of cabling from the building floor: In this method, optical fiber ducts must be placed under the concrete layer or dropped floor, which is a secondary floor, placed on top of the main structural floor. Depending on the building’s architecture,  it can be installed at a distance from the floor. Cabling should also be done in the area with the least traffic to reduce traffic pressure. If the building is under construction, by observing the distance from the power cables, a tray or pipe, appropriate to the fiber’s size, is placed on the floor, and then concrete is poured on it.
  2. Execution of cabling inside the ceiling and walls
  3. Execution of surface cabling: In this method, ducts and trunks are used according to the standards. This is for the environmental order, organized appearance, and the cable’s protection from possible damages. Required considerations are as following:
  • The amount of space allocated in the building for cabling
  • Estimating the maximum amount of cable
  • Estimating the number of connections and  considering limitations
  • Checking for heating or cooling paths to avoid severe changes in the fiber’s temperature because temperature changes will decay fiber coating and decrease fiber optic cables performance.

Estimation of Fiber Internet Installation Cost

Estimating fiber internet installation cost starts with the types of equipment needed, including:

  • Fiber optic cables: if you want to start using fiber optic internet and take advantage of its high bandwidth, you should change your home’s traditional copper wiring and run fiber optics.
  • Clamps, Connectors, and joints: there are three most known connectors, including LC, SC, and ST.LC. SC is the most commonly used one.
  • Fiber optic modem: cable and ADSL modems that you may already have in your home aren’t appropriate for fiber internet. They cant translate light pulses to digital signals and vice versa. So in fiber internet cost estimating consider buying a new modem. Fiber optic internet companies usually provide it for you. These modems are produced and supplied in different types. Features of ONT modems include WiFi, FXS ports for using SIP telephone lines, and LAN ports for cable connections. With these modem routers, you can take advantage of services such as IPTV and online gaming.
  • Fiber optic router: you also need to invest in buying a new wireless router. Old routers cant synchronize with high-speed fiber-optic internet.
Fiber optic router

It is necessary to prepare a graphical plan to indicate where the cables and equipment are in broad projects.

Internet Fiber Cable Price Per Meter

Suppliers offer competitive fiber internet cable prices and also technical support. Many factors like purchase quantity, fiber optic type, outdoor, indoor, or Outdoor/Indoor usage affect the internet fiber cable cost.

Most fiber optic brands are available in small quantities and large quantities. In the following table, we have gathered internet fiber cable price per meter from several manufacturers.

Keep in mind that prices are just for evaluation and cannot be used as a reference because they may change over time or on manufacturers’ pricing policy. So request a quote when you want to purchase.

ManufacturerDescriptionFibre internet cable price
OFS CF01493-10
Multi-mode Step-index, Low OH 0.37 NA
Multi-mode Step-index, Low OH 0.43 NA
Multi-mode Step-index, High OH 0.37 NA
Multi-mode Step-index, High OH 0.37 NA
Multi-mode Step-index, High OH 0.37 NA
Commercial Grade
10,000 m
Commercial Grade PMMA
10,000 m
Commercial Grade PMMA
6000 m
High-Performance, Industrial Grade PMMA
6000 m
High-Performance, Industrial Grade PMMA
6000 m
High-Performance Plastic Optical Fiber
6000 m
High-Performance Plastic Optical Fiber
150 m
Plastic Optical Fiber
700 m

What Conditions Can Affect Fiber Internet Installation price?

Several practical and technical factors determine fiber internet prices.

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What Is Your Distance From The Nearest Fiber Optic?

It is very crucial, Specially in Ftth and Fttb services. The shorter your distance from the fiber optic network, the less ISP will charge you to get the service. If you live in a building already equipped with fiber optic cabling, you’re in luck because it saves you a lot of money.

Providers develop outdoor fiber optic substructure in the streets, and in places with more fiber optic internet applications, it can be cheaper or even free.

In FTTH, technicians must perform fiber optic cabling from the front of the door to the fiber optic modem location. For this purpose, they usually use Drop Cable, which has the lowest amount of 2 or 4 cores.

The cover of these cables is outdoor and anti-UV, which prevents the cable cover from decaying due to sunlight and water. The most important difference between drop cables and ordinary patch cords is the use of iron wire along with fiber optic cores that control the weight of the cable and prevent it from tearing and stretching.

After the fiber cabling to the modem location, an OTB fiber optic box is mounted on the wall to prevent the fiber optic fusion connection from being disconnected.

Building Situation:

Unfortunately, understanding how much it costs to install fiber in a building requires a special on-site assessment. Sometimes internet providers need to dig trenches for fiber optic cabling, which can be pricy. Local laws and regulations must be observed.

Local internet service providers know these regulations well. Also, Humidity and temperature change may affect the devices you need to purchase.


There are plenty of companies that provide fibre internet. Each one has its pricing policy. In the following sections of this article, you can find the monthly price range of several ISPs.

Required Speed For Data Transfer

The fiber optics network’s speed affects the type of equipment used in this platform and the plan price.

Professional Technician

Hiring a skilled technician will be cost-effective, even if the wages are higher because the person’s ability and experience will lead to the most optimal way.

For example, Using Fast and easy to install pre-terminated solutions can increase installation speed dramatically and save your time. Also, reduce labor costs, which is very helpful, especially in higher labor cost areas.

OTDR test of fiber optic cables done by a technician.

Route Selection In Fiber Optic Design

There are two ways to choose a fiber optic cabling route: Indoor and Outdoor. There are two ground and air methods for outdoor environments. Each of these methods has its obstacles and costs.

The service provider must first check the route between the points and choose the best one according to the environmental conditions and whether there is a route for cabling or not.

In selecting the route inside the building, the short path leads to a significant reduction in cable length, which reduces fiber internet cost and increases speed.

Another issue is the security of cables; cross paths must be safe so that cables are not damaged or cut off accidentally.

Physical Obstacles In Cabling Pathway

physical obstacles in the cabling pathway can affect the total fibre internet installation cost. Obstacles like blocks, highways, rivers, and preserved sites could add additional charges.

residential fiber optic cabling - fiber internet cost

How Much Is Fiber Internet A Month?

This service’s price is affected by how broad your wideband is and how fast it is, as well as connection type and data limit. ISPs provide different fiber internet connection prices, which is suitable for finding an affordable plan based on needs. For example, AT&T  has these three fiber internet plans under the names internet 100, internet 300, internet 1000.

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Internet 100the Internet 300Internet 1000
100Mbps Connection $35/mo300Mbps Connection $45/mo1000Mbps Connection $60/mo
**Note that prices are for the first 12 months only, and after that prevailing rate applies. Prices may have changed over time. For further information, check the AT&T website.


The table below shows the price and speed range of fiber optic internet in different providers. Typically the upper price is related to gigabit fiber optic internet cost.

ISPFiber Internet PriceSpeedData Limit
Verizon$39.99–$79.99/mo.100–940 MbpsUnlimited
Optimum$39.99–$69.99/mo.300–1,000 MbpsUnlimited
AT&T Fiber$35.00–$60.00/mo.100–1,000 Mbps1,024 GB–Unlimited
Xfinity$20.00–$299.95/mo.25–2,000 Mbps1,024 GB–Unlimited
CenturyLink$49.00–$85.00/mo.20–1,000 Mbps1,024 GB–Unlimited
Google Fiber$70.00/mo.1,000 MbpsUnlimited
Verizon$39.99–$79.99/mo.100–940 MbpsUnlimited

Prices and service availability may vary by location or change over time. Don’t forget to ask the ISP for a price and service availability before choosing your plan.

Fiber Internet Costs By States

fiber optic internet is a high technology fast internet connection based on light pulses. Light waves deliver very fast at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, which leads up to 1 Gigabit per second speeds.

fiber internet costs by states in the united states

Optic internet cost isn’t as low as cable internet, but considering its speed and quality, it is very cost-effective. According to the heat map of Broadbandsearch, here is fiber internet costs by states in the united states:

StatesFiber optic internet cost/Megabyte per secStatesFiber optic internet cost/Megabyte per sec
California0.04New Hampshire2.00
Colorado0.50New Jersey0.55
Connecticut0.50New Mexico0.50
Delaware0.55New York0.10
Florida0.42North Carolina0.50
Georgia0.50North Dakota0.73
Iowa0.57Rhode Island0.55
Kansas0.40South Carolina0.50
Kentucky0.18South Dakota0.78

Business Fiber Internet Cost

Business internet is dedicated to businesses to fulfill their commercial needs and help them achieve their goals. Due to the high dependence of companies, especially online businesses, on the Internet, residential internet connections cant meet their needs. Although Business internet plans are more expensive, they offer more bandwidth and higher download and upload speed (Speeds range from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps), dedicated line, Static IP address, and Symmetrical connection.

internet speed - business fiber internet cost

About the dedicated line, you won’t share your connection with other close subscribers like neighbors when you subscribe to a dedicated line. Business internet typically provides the static IP address, which is the opposite of a dynamic IP that changes periodically.

Static IP address offers a more secure and reliable connection. (Before choosing a service, be sure to visit the Internet service provider’s website for getting the update and detailed information.)

ISPSpeedData LimitBusiness Fiber Internet Cost
Verizon Fios Business100–940 MbpsUnlimited$69 to $249*
AT&T25–500 MbpsUnlimited$50 to $300**
Frontier100 Mbps–1GbpsN/A starts at $49.99
CenturyLink940 MbpsUnlimited starts at $199
Viasat Business12 to 100 Mbps$50 to $500§

FAQ About Fiber Optic Internet

1- What Is The Fiber Optic Market Size Worldwide?

In 2019, the largest fiber optic preform market size was over 2.5 billion US dollars in the Asia-Pacific region. In North America and Europe, the market was worth over 313 million and 138 million US dollars, respectively.

2- What Are The Number Of Fiber Internet Users In The United States?

In 2020, the United States had slightly over 284 million internet users (Statista). It has one of the biggest online markets worldwide. In 2018, 85.1 percent of the total US households had a broadband internet subscription.

The Fiber Broadband Association released a study in 2002 which says  50,000 homes had all-fiber connectivity, but it is now about 46.5 million homes.

3-What Is The Fiber  OTDR Test?

OTDR stands for Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer. it is a troubleshooting test used to test a fiber optic cable’s quality and detect connection loss, fiber length, and defects. OTDR is usually used during the installation process to achieve acceptable performance.

Also, in case of problems, it can be a reference for performance comparison. OTDR shows where the cables are terminated and Confirms the quality of fibers, joints, and fusions, and also can indicate the fiber fracture location.

4- Seven Characteristics Of High-Quality Fiber Optic Cables?

The following characteristics make a fiber optic cable suitable for very broadband usages and guarantee trustable quality in various applications.

  1. Transparent pure silica core
  2. High mechanical strength
  3. Bend insensitivity
  4. Resistance to chemicals and physical damages
  5. Wide operating temperature range
  6. Long term reliability
  7. Ease of operation: twist, split, and flexibility

5-How Much Does Fiber Optic Internet Cost Per Month In The United States?

It can cost you from 35$ to 300$ per month, depending on your state, ISP, and internet plan. There is no definitive answer for what does fiber internet cost, but the average is 50-60$ per month, which is close to the monthly average of cable internet. Remember that the presented average doesn’t take into account any additional fees and taxes or bundle discounts.



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