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Does Your Remote Employees Safe Use the Network?

Posted on Jan 23, 2021

A new version of working is loading.

Remote employees could bring several benefits and values to the workplace. Locations do not limit them, and they are cost-efficient, and the level of productivity is increasing.

The presence of covid19 changed a lot of things, especially the way of our jobs. First of all, it is working remotely; that needs providing new resources for working from home.


safe network for working remotely

Besides all the excellent points, there is one concern about remote employees; a safe network. The main risk of having remote employees is using a safe network, and typically there is no control with hardware or wireless connections that employees are working with.

Remote employees have their laptops to work, and personal smart devices are so vulnerable and susceptible to security breaches. And because of lacking enough security in individual systems, all your company’s website, networks, and sensitive data are exposed.

There are several ways to avoid these kinds of unpleasant incidents. All you need is to ask and provide some arrangement to keep everything in order and safe.

WiFi security for remote employee

Most of the freelancers and people who work remotely prefer laptops for doing their tasks. Some works via public WiFi connection, in a local café and libraries, and some prefer to work in the house.

The important point about public WiFi is insecure; it is not wise to transfer sensitive data through public WiFibecause it would become an easy target for hackers to intercept. And it would be a perfect opportunity for them to distribute malware.

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Another threat that you need to be aware of it is WiFi phishing. Hackers could create a web page that looks like a login webpage to your company website. Employees unknowingly enter all data without awareness that they are giving in information away.

The best option is to provide a virtual private network (VPN) that enables users to connect securely to the computer. That would eliminate all the potential threats, even a public connection at a small café.

Passwords and two-factor authentication

For being more secure, ask all the employees to provide a strong password and use a password manager. A strong password would play an essential part in keeping your organization’s data safe. To provide a safe network for your remote employees, offering password security training is a cybersecurity step. Ask them to make it severe and explain how important not to compromise the data of your business.

A password manager is the right choice and could mitigate the risk of forgetting the password or using a repetitive one. A password manager randomly generates and store all the password safely.

Two-factor authentication would prevent losing any credentials data; it needs two proof that users are gaining access by declaring who they are before entering the website.

Monitoring remote employee’s devices

Monitoring the devices is another solution to provide a safe network; it could help them be more productive and ensure that their devices use for work-related activity.

Many applications use for monitoring how much time they spend o each project. More importantly, you can receive a better report on how much time they spend on working and expose your business data to security threats. With these applications, you can be sure that remote employees, taking severe your business security’s protocols.

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Don’t leave your remote employees, and more importantly, your business, open to cyberattacks because you don’t have the resources for an in-house solution to your problems.

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