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Everything About IT Service Outsourcing

different types of IT outsourcing?
Posted on Feb 1, 2021

What is IT outsourcing?

As a business owner, you request an IT company for IT service outsourcing to deliver some or all IT functions, including managing infrastructure, running the service desk, and directing strategy.In some cases, IT outsourcing companies can manage all IT support, which also call a full mange service. And some only take care of additional support for an internal IT team, which refer as co-sourced IT support and is usually an approach taken by larger organizations.Some businesses use one provider to take care of all the IT requirements, and some decided to use multiple services.different types of IT outsourcing?

What are different types of IT outsourcing?

There are several plans and types of IT service outsourcing, and each could take care of specific responsibilities. IT outsourcing services provide valuable support for your business. But if you’re a business owner, you may get lost in all of the terminologies. Here are some different kind of IT resourcing;

Offshore IT outsourcing

Offshore IT outsourcing means that your remote IT support will be based overseas. Typically, this will be in a politically stable country such as China or India.This outsourced IT allows businesses to take advantage of tax savings and the lower running costs associated with an overseas workforce.Because the wages are relatively low in the countries that provide offshore outsourcing services, you can quickly scale up your support as your business needs grow.

Nearshore outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing means that your IT support will be based in a nearby country.There may be some tax savings involved in outsourcing your IT support in this way.The benefits of nearshore outsourcing are that there is often no significant difference between timezones. This makes it convenient to get the support you want at the time you need it.With this type of outsourcing, there may be less of a language and cultural barrier than you might experience with offshore outsourcing.

Onshore outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing uses local companies that provide services within the same country as your business is based. Although this type of service is generally more expensive than offshore and nearshore IT support, there are some benefits.Your onshore IT support company will speak your language. You’ll find them much more accessible than services based in other countries, they’re easier to control, and they are in the same time zone.

Consider IT service solution

In today’s modern world, several companies rely on information technology to conduct business. For instance, accessing large market research databases to find new customers and using the Internet as a storefront, development, and maintenance costs have exploded.Therefore it is not hard to determine why businesses and companies transfer a lease, staff, and IT assets to third-party vendors that make some arrangements not to lose them or handed over to the competitions.points of IT service

Checkpoint of IT sourcing service

So here is the part of what are the pros and cons of having an IT outsourcing services?First of all, it would be good to review some of the benefits of the IT outsourcing service


Cost and money always come on first in every subject and topic. Outsourcing IT services is flexible on price and allows you to make arrangements on the budget. In simple words, it means that you only pay for what you might need or use.Another issue regards to cost topic is about IT staff. As you already know, hiring an IT staff would be very expensive, and a temporary employee would not always make your demands right.Well, outsourcing IT services makes the opportunity for you to only focus on staff resources where you may need them the most. And you won’t have to put a budget for an IT staff for some temporary request.Most small businesses can not afford an in-house IT support service. So outsourcing can help them make the best use of IT outsourcing services with a limited budget even though many large businesses request IT outsourcing services.  It can save an immense amount of money, which would be the most significant advantage of IT service outsourcing.

Make the best use

You may run a business and be utterly predominant in the management, but you don’t have enough knowledge in the IT area. So how would you know if an employee qualified enough to handle the IT problem? Or how can you trust their suggestion?Another issue about certificates is that they may have a valid and standard certificate but with insufficient experience to do the job.With IT service outsourcing, you can be sure to leave the IT departments to the right person.Sometimes you may face related issues multiple times. And this is about the level of IT expert’s experience to do what. That is why you always need a well experienced IT staff to deal with your tech problems.

More free time

The companies and organizations that do all their IT services in-house can have to make a lot of time to solve IT tech issues. Although they can have much higher research, implementation time, and development, it would increase cost and ultimately lack time to make some creativity and productivity in nosiness.
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Stay focus on your business

At the start, the IT outsourcing service you request quickly begin new projects. They would handle all jobs as they are in-house employees, with the big difference that you don’t have to wait till they train how to solve IT issues. They are professional, and you can save time to create creativity in your business.Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Risk of lost

As you may know, every kind of business comes with a certain amount of risk in markets, competitions, financial conditions, government regulation, and technology. Every single one of them could affect your business somehow.Outsourcing providers are aware of this risk and make all the plans and suggestions based on reducing them.Having enough industry knowledge and securing all the potential issues, everybody would reach desirable results. A better decision makes the best results and would avoid trouble in the areas of expertise.

Being more secure

There are some fundamental questions you have to know the answer to them.Do you have an up to date firewall?Have you audited your Workstations and Servers?Do you have a DMZ installed?Has your company implemented PCI security standards and work to maintain those standards?These are the primary question that is better you be sure of the answer because it related to your business’s security.For example, there are many ways to prosper by taking many payment methods like credits and debit cards, E-checks, wire transfers, etc., except paying checks that other forms work with digital systems due in persons.To make this routine and your business security, you would need an expert to take care of the IT technical issues.Best usage of an IT service outsourcing

Best usage of an IT service outsourcing

The modern business world requires proper IT support; with advancements in the technology business, the IT industry faces increasing demands on IT support teams and managed services.If you are thinking of growing your business, you have to Reinforcement the core of the company. It is best if you go forward with the best conditions in your tech sites.This could be challenging for a business owner to hire IT staff in-house since there is always something about budget limitation, but there is still a solution to a problem.IT outsourcing service is a solution you can count on to solve all the tech issues by an expert. Requesting for an IT service outsourcing comes with several advantages that mention before.To go more in-depth on how IT service outsourcing would benefit your business, you would need some details, and comparing all the options could make everything clear.In-house vs. outsourcing service

In-house vs. outsourcing service

You decide to go productive and grow your business and teams, that is the goal, but you might need some other things to go forward. The company’s core is essential, and you have to prepare a suitable foundation for IT.You probably have a website that needs to run on the clock. Clients or customers of your business can be in touch with your staff via your website, and it can not be down, even for a short time.So you could use the help of an IT expert. You have options to use; you can hire in-house IT staff. In this case, you may find some difficulties.First, you have to have enough knowledge about IT areas, certificate, and examine if they are experienced enough or not. Then you may face a large amount of money for IT experts because they are not cheap!Leave the point ahead that finding staff with this description is like finding a unicorn, well educated, well experienced with excellent management skill is something hard to find and expensive.On the other hand, new members need training and equipment, along with additional office space.Full IT service

Full IT service but outsourcing

There is another option, Recruitment remote IT staff. Which is challenging, and they might not always be available to solve emergency IT issues.Besides that, you may require some remote software to manage the condition, which would be stressful and time-wasting.And there is IT service outsourcing which could be suitable for you. You would agree with an IT company’s specific plans to be obligate taking care of your IT problems and solving them.Outsourcing allows better communication within the company, 24/7 support for staff, and a streamlined ticketing system to provide maximum customer satisfaction. The outsourcing IT service covers operational costs on their end, and you only pay for the services provided, thus ensuring efficient budget management and cost savings. an IT service outsourcing

Who is the best candidate?

The level of advantages of outsourcing depends on your business plan directly. You can evaluate what strategy your business can make the best of use and then decide to proceed with one.Your business activity could make it more clear whether you need an outsourced IT service or not. Plus, your office’s location usually determines what kind of talent you can attract – a problem quickly solved with outsourced IT support teams.
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When you arrange with an IT company, prepare some space for constant access to your activity to estimate your needs and help you more efficiently.However, scaling could not be substantial enough for you to request an outsourced team to take care of your problem.If you have a business that needs sequential attention with customers and staff, the Bottom line requires timely professional assistance. In that case, you should consider looking into outsourced solutions since your local team may conflict with providing such high-quality aid most of the time.suitable solution

What is a suitable IT service outsourcing type?

When there is a topic about outsourcing, it is universal for every business model. There’s an essential difference between offshore outsourcing and local outsourcing.The advantage of offshore outsourcing is having access to global talent. The global outsourcing market presents companies going after developing mobile apps, social media content creators, or virtual assistants.Some businesses decide to outsource their marketing manager or market research. And during the process of having access to pool talents, try to find freelancers that could provide IT services.However, offshore outsourcing might be several drawbacks, especially when there is something regarding information technology.As far as you know, offshore outsourcing is not limited by location and languages, so there might be some time difference and communications between experts.Most likely, the most significant problem with offshore outsourcing is the lack of communication. Latency and misunderstanding lead to decreased productivity and extended downtime. And the other issue is that it would be impossible to get help on-site due to their physical and solution

The benefit of local IT service

If you try for a local outsource IT service, it is slightly different. You can not eliminate the fact that you and your provider are placed in the same state. And it would provide a higher chance that the IT service understands your problems, requests, and goals.Hiring a local help desk to provide professional help and be present to support you whenever you needed is a great idea. In this scenario, when some technical difficulty.And timely support whenever needed; all the technical challenges would be solved with on-site support. So there are lower downtimes, which allows uninterrupted business continuity for your company.cost of outsourcing service

How IT service outsourcing effective in reducing cost?

To know the exact cost of outsourcing IT services, you need to clarify the type of service you want.Typically managed service offers remote management, monitoring, full service IT help desk, and on-site engineering services.Based on your market growth and current staff size, you can customize staff members, remote or in-house, depending on the outsourcing tasks you require.In this method, you can freely plan how you want to make your budget goes, and there is a bigger space for you to calculate the exact amount of cost on your operations. You will be allocating more budgets toward business plans rather than additional equipment and office space in the long run.

Make sure you choose the best

This is not something fancy for your business; an IT outsourcing service is necessary for your business to grow. If your outsource team doesn’t look to solve the problem and seems that they are working without a plan to prevent the issues, you may want to look elsewhere.You have to keep in mind some questions before making any arrangements with an IT company; make sure you ask them and know the answer. So you can be sure what to expect from them.

Are they locally active or offshore?

Typically an on-site team could make a big difference. Imagine your system go through a bug, and you have to act quickly to take care of it. So an on-site team could immediately assist you and make a relief about your tech problems.

What is their routine contract?

Some companies base their contract on SLAs, and some charge you over hours of service. Well, when your business faces a problem, you want it to be resolve soon. Wasting time could bring more questions and create a complicated situation. So, if your provider service does not have a guarantee system to support it, it would be best to look at other options.Some of these companies won’t offer 24/7 services. Make sure not to put them on your shortlist. Constant monitoring is an important fact you need to consider. Remember, some overnight problem can not be resolve if your service provider doesn’t work during the night.

Are they train enough?

They have to know that you want the team to be skilled enough to take care of your tech problem. To get the best result, they need to understand your business goals and vision, and this is on you. If they work without the proper perspective of your business goal, they won’t provide adequate the people who depend on your business.So the first step is to make sure they are skilled enough and then provide all the business details to handle the tech support.

What is their level of communication?

Don’t ignore communication skills because it is crucial. A proactive service provider would be more helpful. They need to communicate with all your team members and adapt to your workplace instead of making their own rules.You need to be aware of how technology impacts your business, and your outsource IT partner should be able to make everything easy for you to access these data.
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How they manage security?

Your data is all you have on your business. So your backup data must be as good as a safe box in banks. There should always be the possibility to restore them when needed. Sensitive data must handle professionally.When is the best time to consider IT service outsourcing?

When is the best time to consider IT service outsourcing?

Advancement in information technology is continuous, which gave the customer the right to expect a stress-free user experience with your services and products.Among all the business issues, you need to stay up to date in the technology area; the communication between you and the customer depends on it. If there is a hardship to make all the arrangements, your in-house resources cannot keep everything in order, and you need an outsource provider.Outsource providers would bring more time to focus on your business’s core and less time to spend on technical issues.The small business may find it hard to adjust to new conditions and costs. But sometimes, they see how the quality of the service affects business growth.Typically, the most significant growth factor is technological readiness, and if you reached a plateau step in your company development, maybe it’s because of the tech.

Another side of IT service outsourcing

Old internal systems have a particular role in slowing down your operation. Getting help from an IT service outsourcing and adding a few experts to the team would create a big difference.Ongoing business continuity relies on productivity, but your technological infrastructure may be bottlenecking your team’s productivity.Sometimes, outdated software and hardware solutions will create harm instead of good. And result in broken deadlines and unloading efficiency.At a time like this, IT service outsourcing would help figure out the problem and find a solution to resolve it.Typically when companies rely on an old application that doesn’t support the developer’s need. In the long term usage, could create security issues and more complex.You can not imagine what security bridges could lead to; the least is bringing down your whole business in less than a minute. Isolated siloed systems should be the last index that you need outsourcing services. Technological advancements are hard to keep up with, and many companies are still relying on legacy computer systems. Upgrading the whole infrastructure can take long, and it’s not so productive.What are red flag problems from the outsource service?

What are red flag problems from the outsource service?

Outsourcing IT services is like a trend these days for businesses. with all the benefits and advantages of using these services, there might be a chance of dishonesty from the providers. So the best decision would be to open your eyes to red flags. Here is some advice to look out for when you want to compare different providers on the market.

Term of a contract

before signing any paper, be aware of the contract terms and conditions. Please make sure that all the terms and services are the way you expect them to be. Something like the supporting system and 24/7 services are facts that companies claim they have, but there are no records of it on the documents.There might be some offers regarding 60 days no fee, which would guarantee high-quality services, and if you get upset about the service provider, you could terminate the contract and ask for a refund.

Additional costs

you have to mention the number of users you have, so the monthly payments calculate based on that. Adding a new user should increase the price, and removing users would decrease it.If your provider is offering something different, make sure you understand their system. If you get into a contract and there is no way to terminate it, there will be no way to avoid additional costs.

Searching for good reviews

Customer testimonials have become the most honest ideas. If there is not a single positive or negative one, maybe the provider doesn’t worth putting your money or time.

Estimate an average waiting time

if solving an issue take 10 minutes to resolve and another one 1 hour, the average response time would be 35 minutes. The average wait time might be the most important metric of all. By estimating an average time, you get to manage the time and make plans. The average response time should be transparent, based on the team’s activities.But remember that a quick response doesn’t always mean a solution. You would want a skilled IT technician with a low response time. This equation leads to perfect IT service outsourcing. But don’t sacrifice quality under quantity.The best service providers serve an extra layer of protection for you and your company. Although it may seem that an MSP only provides support for your business, it also has to act as your firewall. 24/7 monitoring and scheduled reporting give you clear insight into your business management and growth.The advantages of outsourced IT solutions service

The advantages of outsourced IT solutions service

Here is a quick recap of how much an IT service outsourced team could level up your business productivity;
  • Lower cost compared to in-house resources
  • Protecting data and full recovery plans
  • Resolve a problem in a shorter time
  • Benefits from skilled members with a high level of expertise
  • More time for focus on your executive member and the core of your business
  • Reliable support
  • Being fast and easy on solving problem on-site with local outsourcing solution
  • 24/7/366 monitoring and transparent pricing plans
Your scalability will usually depend on your ability to adapt to new technologies. In-house members need a lot of work and resources, something a modern business environment can’t afford.Additional spending on tools and equipment leaves fewer budgets for business growth and scaling. With outsourcing IT services, you can always count on discounted equipment prices and maximum security.
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