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Get More When You Switch to CFBTELL Fiber​​

CFBTEL Fiber powers the fast, reliable internet services that can help you do more of what you enjoy.

Keep Your Business Connected.

High-capacity Fiber Optic Internet Access delivers the ultimate dedicated bandwidth to power your network.

Benefits Of CFBTEL Fiber Internet

High Speed

CFBTEL Fiber Internet is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper Internet connections. with options available that range from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.


CFBTEL Fiber Internet is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which can damage or stall data transmission via copper cabling.

Cost Savings

If your business suffers from unreliable connectivity due to region or weather, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year.

No Latency

Better voice quality for VoIP users, and Ability to move more apps to the cloud Downloads and uploads of huge files without disruption.

CFBTEL Fiber Internet Access

Speeds From 10X10 Mbps To 100X100 Gbps​

Affordable, dedicated bandwidth with business-class uptime guarantees. Ideal for businesses that have higher downstream than upstream traffic demands, such as customers that heavily use off-premises server and services or have no servers on premises; customers with non-mission critical applications; branch offices that access applications from headquarters; and remote office locations that upload limited amounts of content.

CFBTEL Fiber Connection Makes These 3 Things Easier​

Cloud Storage And Access

A recent study by McAfee showed by 83% of businesses store sensitive data in the cloud.This means that employees are constantly accessing cloud storage services, private and public, like AWS, Azure, Google Drive, and Dropbox, to find important files.
The more information stored on these sites, the slower the files will load.This is particularly true when companies are relying on a broadband internet connection since downloading times are significantly slower on these networks.

Video Streaming

The amount of video consumption taking place online has skyrocketed in recent years. Streaming video in particular requires significant bandwidth.This means businesses that conduct many web-based conference calls, or regularly stream live video content, require a more robust internet solution.With fiber-optic internet, employees and business owner’s need not worry about videos lagging during peak times of the day, when multiple team members are using the web simultaneously, or watching live footage only to see pixelated, low-quality footage.

Automatic Updates

Having software that updates itself when new versions or fixes are released is extremely convenient. It allows employees to focus more time on operational tasks, eliminating the need to manually update programs.
But, opting for automatic updates means your computer is constantly scanning for new versions of software and using bandwidth as these updates are completed in the background.
For those broadband services, these constant scans and downloads can chew through bandwidth fast, slowing down internet connections and making other tasks more time-consuming.

CFBTEL Fiber Internet Service Plans

25M X 25M
Fiber Internet

$ 80
standalone Monthly

50M X 50M
Fiber Internet

$ 105
standalone Monthly
  • $ 130
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 50M X 50M Mbps
  • Enjoy fast and uninterrupted

100M X 100M
Fiber Internet

$ 50
standalone Monthly
  • $ 80
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 100M X 100M Mbps
  • Consistent speed internet with symmetric connection

200M X 200M
Fiber Internet

$ 200
standalone Monthly
  • $ 230
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 200M X 200M Mbps
  • Suitable choice for your business to collaborate online

300M X 300M
Fiber Internet

$ 90
standalone Monthly
  • $ 120
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 300M X 300M Mbps
  • Transmitted data secure and fast

500M X 500M
Fiber Internet

$ 270
standalone Monthly
  • $ 295
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 500M X 500M Mbps
  • A suitable choose for your small business

1G X 200
Fiber Internet

$ 320
standalone Monthly
  • $ 300
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 1G X 200 Mbps
  • Perfect speed to download

1G X 1GM
Fiber Internet

$ 120
standalone Monthly
  • $ 120
    bundled Monthly
  • Speeds up to 1G X 1GM Mbps
  • symmetrical internet connection with perfect speed

Fiber Internet, Explained

Fiber Optic Internet, sometimes called Fiber Optic Cable Internet, is the transmission of data by light signals that travel on a fiber encased in a cable. The signal is known for being extremely fast and especially strong over large distances – up to 40 miles, without having to boost the signal.

Unlike copper telephone lines used for broadband internet services, fiber optic cables can carry large bundles of information at one time. Telephone lines were only meant to transfer audio (phone conversations), whereas optic cables were designed to handle all types of data including video, text, and multimedia.

Fiber optic cables send data at a rate that is only 31% slower than the speed of light. This equates to a capacity of about 250-1000 megabytes per second. Cable broadband connections have a maximum of only 50 megabytes per second.

Compare Fiber to DSL and Cable technologies that transmit data over copper wires, which are sensitive to electrical disruptions, and can only travel up to about 300 meters without needing a signal boost.

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Fiber Internet How It Works – Get A Quick Guide to Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic and cable broadband internet systems both use fiber optic cables to transfer data from one location to another. It’s actually the means of covering the distance between your nearest local street cabinet and your office building that separates a fiber optic connect from a cable one.

With a cable broadband system, the fiber optic cables end at your street cabinet. From there they are sent to your office building via copper telephone line. With a fiber optic system, data is sent from the street cabinet to your office via coaxial cable – a thick type of electrical cable that transmits signals more effectively. 

Fiber-optic cables, on the other hand, are far less affected or unaffected by these conditions. Additionally, fiber-optic cables are much tougher than copper wiring, making them less likely to break under pressure.

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Fiber-optic communication offers higher security because of the way it transmits data. Fiber-optic communication is made possible by sending data as pulses of light across very thin strands of glass or plastic fiber.

Not only does this allow data to move at speeds approaching the speed of light, it makes data signals much harder for hackers or malicious individuals to intercept.

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