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Fiber Switched Ethernet Service

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Connecting your business across the metropolitan area network

Your business is changing, and whether it is expanding or consolidating, it requires the capabilities to run today’s demanding applications like streaming data, email and, video content. You want fast, versatile service and will carry your mission-critical data wherever and whenever it is needed. Finding the right solution that fits your need and your budget is critical, and many businesses find CFBTEL Ethernet will Deliver the performance they need at an affordable price.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is the predominant computer networking technology on LAN’s (Local Area Network) today. It’s familiar, comfortable to use, and very compatible with the computers, desktops, and other equipment in your office. Most network routers are Ethernet-ready. So it’s as simple as “Plug and Play” to connect multiple locations as if they were one LAN.

Potential Benefits

• Scalable to fit the size of your business
• Simplified network architecture that lets you run multiple applications on a single network
• Cost-effective so you get more from your investment dollars
• Network flexibility to meet your changing business requirements
• High performance to deliver traffic in milliseconds
• Reliability to help ensure

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