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Future of Video Conferencing

Posted on Jan 24, 2021

When everything changes

Believe it or not, one year, it has been one year that the world is experiencing something different; it doesn’t limit by nation or race. Every single person’s life has been upside down.

Yes, the pandemic of the coronavirus changed everything, from our lifestyle to our jobs. It’s like it makes us live in a new world with new rules.

Let put our lifestyle ahead and talk about jobs. So far, you may go through a lot of changes, working remotely and surrounded by online tools and applications. And, of course, video conferencing.

Covid-19 happened, and video conferencing application becomes new empires to the world. These applicationsare new superheroesin modern life. Using them helps companies held meetings as scheduled and chance to meet new talent from all over the world, locations were not a limit anymore, and it actually becomes an opportunity to swim in a bigger pool.


Rising of video conferencing


Rising of video conferencing

A new age of working shaped during the pandemic and let us know how video conferencing can be valuable. It is a unique chance to restarting to creating new ideas and being more productive.

From designers to the sales and support department, all teams could be present for a conference video and bring new ideas to the companies. Sharing new concepts and create seeking content through virtual walls from any device in realtime within a few seconds is practically a subject for a sci-fi movie, yet we try to live and fit in it.

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All the limitations to transfer a concept gone and digital objects become touchable in virtual rooms. Pick an idea, pass it through the right department, and give a deadline for implementation, you may enjoy the final result.

Video conference platform market

At the beginning of the pandemic,companies started to use video conferencing applications unwillingly. Now, the video conference market is a mixture of ever-evolving and fragmented.

Everyday more and more people find new platformsthat are more compatible with their needs. In the beginning, Zoom becomes the star of the video conference applications;it is effortless to use and host calls of up to 100 participates. But it had a significantsecurity breach in the middle of 2020 and caused some clients to go on with other options.

Family members try Apple’s Facetime with the capacity of 32 people in video calls, and some prefer Facebook messenger that supports around 50 people. So video conferencing and video calls become something Indelible from the user’s daily life.

According to statics, Google Meet has surpassed 100 million daily active users, and the average number of users is about 3 million new users every day. In May 2020, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet surpassed 50 million downloads.

And the newest Facebook product, Messenger Rooms, recently launched hosts up to 50 users available for everyone, even those who don’t have a Facebook account. And in the first week,3 million people signed up.

What does the statics say about video call platforms?

It’s a fact that video conferencing tools make everything easy and available at the moment, people adapt themselves to the new way of working, remotely.

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Almost from the third month of the pandemic,Twiter announced that the employee would be working from home forever. Google and Facebook said their employee would be working remotely till 2021, and this would cause tremendous changes, and many companies have to follow suit.

Many companies realize that after pandemic would not be easy as they think, and video conferencing is not a perfect solution. Experiencing face to face meeting would bring more benefits and expressions.

As you agree or not, covid-19 make many changes; it is not arguable that some business entirely changes their system andcan notexist through the new terms and conditions. The conferences were used to make these businesses more comprehensive, and now they practically start to fade away or change the intent of their existence.


Is video conferencing the final solution?

Video conferencing is coming along to help businesses stay in the market; by creating some new ideas, business starts to act differently.But video conferencing for many companies can not be a permanent substitute.

Leave the emails apart, communication, and face to face meeting count as an immense privilege for several businesses. Although many applications meet the needs, they don’t make the result. Employees need to collaborate. When there is a topic about collaboration, staff needs to feel the presence, just like having a regular meeting in a real-life conference room. The fact ishumans contact tied up to face to face engagement.

Is video conferencing the final solution?

Mumbling of new technology

As you read this article, several updates and innovations happen in the technology world. Technology is a big help nowadays. The high cost and expense of having the most recent technology are not deniable. But there are some options you may consider and available.

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Businesses open themselves to the options they could reach. AR and VR technology can be used to hold video conferencing. As a matter of fact, this technology could be a solution for those businesses whose serial connection is essential.

With the rising 5G internet, some businesses would like to utilize AR and VR technology to communicate.

Rising new forms of video conferencing

A Sweden-based startup, At all, startsitself to use this innovation to communicate with clients. They create a new way that uses Hologram reality with smart devices or AR glasses.

That is a new level of modern life and businesses. You may wonder how using AR technology would improve the quality of video conferencing? MangusWillner, founder, and CEO at ARcall, explain how people get bored during video calls. And imagine participatingin many conference videos per day. It could be a bit exhausting, and using AR could be exciting and create engagements.

AR would create a space that all participants feel in the center of attention. They would appear in a Hologram in the same physical area.

Rising new forms of video conferencing

Living in a sci-fi movie

Well, now is the beginning of the significantchange. Who could imagine that our life became like the Ironman movie? A sci-fi movie that usesmodern technology to communicate and save people. The concept of talking to the hologram is not far from our imagination, although experiencing it might be a little strange. But we learn that we could use it and try to make the best of it.

The future of video conferencing is happening today, and we play an essential part in it.

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