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Protect Patient Improve Patient Experience​

Get healthcare data and IT solutions that are HIPAA compliant and secure. We’ll modernize your healthcare IT infrastructure.

CFBTEL Healthcare IT solutions


Build an IT ecosystem that meets data, performance, compliance and security needs.


Support telehealth, smartphones, tablets and mobile apps while reducing your IT burden.

Patient experience

Provide seamless and pleasant interactions at every stage of your patient’s health journey.

Explore Solutions Based On Your Healthcare Business Need


Business Voice Solution

When your mission is to provide excellent patient care, your communication system is a key component to delivering a positive experience.


EMR Hosting

Our remote hosting solutions are managed entirely by CFBTEL IT technicians who know their way around EMR systems. This means that you and your staff can focus on what you know best – patient care.


Healthcare IT Security

Delivers 24x7 real-time monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of using our Counter Threat Platform to eliminate false positives and detect valid threats.


HIPAA Compliance

Inability to maintain necessary government data regulatory compliance like HIPAA and HL7.Our experts align the HIPAA compliance program with IT governance frameworks to ensure the security of protected health information (PHI) effectively.

Remote Patient Monitoring​

CFBTEL is working to provide virtual care solutions for home and community organizations.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Best Healthcare IT Solutions

CFBTEL has a commendable journey of serving clients with turnkey healthcare IT services. IT solutions for healthcare industry have simplified the entire working methodology right from patient care to infrastructure to analytics due to which newer heights are achieved every day.

it service for healthcare

HIPAA Compliance

Any organization that transmits any health information in electronic form, including health plans, healthcare clearing houses, healthcare providers, and business associates of a covered entity, must comply with HIPAA.

Yet, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, one of the top issues that organizations have is failure to sufficiently safeguard electronic protected health information. One of the big challenges is the number of security controls that organizations need to deploy, often requiring numerous security point products that are costly to procure and difficult to deploy and manage.

Should you require one, CFBTEL Connect offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that details each party’s rights and obligations for safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA.

Solutions By Needs

Connect all of your business locations securely and collaborate more effectively,
while working with a single provider.

Business Continuity

Avoid downtime and keep the doors open. Business continuity solutions like cloud voice and SD-WAN keep you connected.


Improve productivity and mobility with enterprise-grade calling and mobility features. Scale as you grow with cloud-based phone system.

Network & Data Security

Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies provide clean, and secured communications.

Remote Workforce

CFBTEL Connect’s secure access and communication tools make working remotely easy to set up and use.

RMG Expands While Saving Money With Hosted Voice And Managed Network Solutions.

The group medical practice & regenerative medicine specialists needed to connect 5 offices and teleworkers across the states. RMG required affordable, reliable phone and internet services while minimizing administrative and system maintenance hassles.
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