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How Automatic Call Distribution Help your business?

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Posted on Jun 8, 2021

Automatic call distribution

As a business owner, you might look for a way to decrease caller hold time, improve customer satisfaction, and be more efficient in your contact center. An automatic call distributor would be a suitable choice; it is a VoIP feature that provides a live space for the caller and customer. Having an automatic call distributor ensures you the best quality of customer support and gives you extra time to focus on expanding your business.

If you are interested, you may ask what os ACD (automatic call distribution) and how it would help you? Here is the complete data you need and a brief review of its benefits and top features.

Automatic call distribution

What is automatic call distribution?

Automatic call distribution is a virtual phone feature that automatically routes calls to a specific business department or an agent. And the most enjoyable part is that it is designed to eliminate all unnecessary call transfers. So all your staff would concentrate on their task and don’t waste any more time dealing with calls. The other benefit of ACD is preventing hold time on customers for a long time, and eventually, it provides a space for them to talk with the most qualified staff.

VoIP phone features like IVR (interactive voice response) and NLP (natural language processing) would ask the customers issues and guide them to the correct department.

Once the caller is connected to the right agent, it will add to the CRM system, and for next time, all agents would have access to the information and previous history. For example, a customer calls into an e-commerce clothing shop’s support department because they need to make a return. Before the agent picks up the phone, all data shows as a pop-up on the screen and would be more prepared to solve the issue.

How do ACD systems work?

Call distribution path shape in three main level

First, it will identify the callers based on predetermined parameters, then sort all callers into call lines, and the final step is routing customer calls to assign departments or agents.

  • Callers would identify and sort based on the specific algorithm of your business.

Common facts for proper caller identification and routing include:

  • Exact business phone number if your company has a separate phone number for different departments.
  • Data and information about area codes
  • Set the time of day
  • Preferred language

as soon as the caller is sorted, it would need to be placed in call queues. Based on the above factors and their overall wait time, the number of available agents, current call queue volume, and average daily call volume.

Different kinds of call distribution

Different kinds of call distribution

Based on which agent takes the call, mode of call distribution and routing would be selected, and here is the widespread distribution:

Skills-based distribution

Skills-based routing connects callers to agents that are trained and related to the caller’s issues. All subject of the problems refers to a specific department; a sale agent doesn’t take the call regards technical and vice versa.

Fixed order distribution

An agent gets the call for every new inbound call, based on the parameters you set; specific call routed to particular agents.

Idle time distribution

Some calls would be routed to agents who have not taken a call for a long time. This option would help to distribute workloads and prevent agents from getting overwhelmed. And every agent gets most of every call.

Round robin distribution

Round robin is very popular among the sales team; it will ensure that every agent has an equal chance to sell off an inbound caller. Every agent takes a turn to answer an incoming call.

Simultaneous distribution

This type is suitable for those call center that their first concern is decreasing customer wait time. All agents receive the next inbound call simultaneously.

Time-based distribution

Time-based routing would be an excellent solution for multiple geographic areas. Call would be routed to the suitable agents, based on being available and time-zone.

How would ACD help and benefit small businesses?

How would ACD help and benefit small businesses?

A customized call path and call routing options wouldn’t help to create productivity and prevent call center agent burnout. Here are some additional benefits of automatic call distribution:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and make the perfect experience
  • Lower operating costs
  • Streamlines communication
  • Provide optimized workforce and increase employee flexibility
  • Make the hold time shorter and faster customer resolution times
  • What are essential features of automatic call distribution

Several elements come with ACD, which among those, there are some key options you would seek when evaluating ACD providers.

Sometimes there is no agent available to take the call, and this would allow you not to miss one demand from your customers and build a good relationship with your clients and customers. Then it would allow you to combine your business communication tools and monitoring your contact center agents.


Most of the customers don’t like to wait on hold, not even one minute, and the majority of them end the call and wouldn’t call back. Sometimes long hold times don’t mean the customer will be lost; they might be worried about high operating costs.

With no argument, automatic callbacks count as the essential feature of ACD software; automated callback features eliminate the need for clients to wait on hold while ensuring they get the proper help.

With this option, the customer could request a call back instead of waiting on hold when no agent can help. By choosing the preferred date and time, everyone would be pleased.

Even there is a possibility the customer asks to callback and doesn’t lose their current place in the line. That is the main reason why most people choose to remain on hold.


Although ACD is designed to increase a customer’s chance of connecting with an agent, some reports show that almost 60 % of calls are sent to voicemail. Features and options like voicemail notification, text, and emails ensure that all messages keep safe and don’t get lost.

Call queue

Call queues manage all customers in lines and keep on order to reach them to the agents. Managers and admins can handle current and past queue levels to improve workflow management. If they see some lines are busy, they enhance overall call flow.

An option like call queuing lets you prioritize the most critical clients and skip to the front line or automatically routed to the top agents.

Call monitoring

Call monitoring is handy, especially if you have several employee turnover rates. With call monitoring, you improve the agent’s training process and provide the managers with assistance agents in real-time.

This feature would allow you to listen to or review calls and manage the agents. Call whisper features to give the manager to coach agents when they are on the phone with customers and get the tips to the agents without the customers hearing the advice.

In addition to coaching, the call barge features allow the managers to supervise the call immediately and take over if needed.

Automatic call distribution

Bottom line

Your business needs ACD software to resolve support issues and provide better space to work and communicate with customers and be able to contact popular communication platforms like:




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