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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Fiber Optic Technology

Posted on Aug 6, 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way many people in America and across the globe live their lives. Before this pandemic, working from home was not as accepted by employers and only about 7% of all Americans had a solely work-fromhome job. While some workers did take portions of their jobs home during certain days, it still only amounted to 30%. In light of this new reality brought on by pandemic, that percentage doubled at its onset for those who were lucky enough to have positions with flexible hours or locations.

remote work demands

With the increased demand for connectivity after pandemic, companies have had to change their business models and communications strategies. Now they need more reliable internet connections at home that can handle data transmissions without interruption so they don’t lose sales or clients when there is an outage in service from a provider like CFBTEL.

Employees who worked in offices before the pandemic relied on company Internet connection which was typically stable enough for them but After the pandemic, employees needed high speed home internet service because work networks were down. internet connections are more important than ever and one interruption can cause a company to lose revenue or even clients.

Those employees working remotely from home know how important it is that they establish a reliable internet connection for all of their computers and laptops so that files don’t get lost, emails won’t sit unread before reaching the recipient’s inboxes, etcetera when transferring information between various other workspaces – whether at home or away from headquarters

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Social Demands

The demand for better connections capable of transmitting larger amounts of data doesn’t come solely from workers. The entire world needs them, and not just because people are traveling less or staying at home to decrease the spread of a virus – technology has provided us with means we never had before to stay connected all day long, even when work is over. It seems like every time I turn around there’s someone hosting an online movie night or taking digital meetings via Skype that seem more stable than ever thanks to these new high speed networks!

Educational Demands

In the modern world, it is becoming more popular for parents and children to stay home during the day. The entire family has work to do; kids meet with teachers on a virtual online school environment while mom or dad works from home. This means that everyone in your household shares one connection which can drain you of bandwidth quickly if not monitored closely! Not only does this make classroom time challenging due to a weaker internet signal but also because students may be left behind when their homework isn’t completed.

Fiber Optics Meets Demands

Since the maximum bandwidth people need in their homes has changed, many have started to look for better options. Fiber optic technology is an option that can be delivered into people’s homes. Some paths can go straight into a residence and unlike copper cables which use electrical pulses, fiber optic cable uses light to transmit data creating a faster connection with less chance of disruption or loss.

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When COVID-19 became widespread, more people stayed at home to stop the spread of it. The internet has become essential and high speed connections have boomed because they are able to transmit large amounts of data securely. Fiber optic technology is booming due to its ability for fast transmission over secure connection needs which most people require now days with this pandemic going around

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