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How to Choose the Best Business Internet and Phone Service?

The best phone service for your business
Posted on Mar 19, 2021

Which provider can offer your business the best internet service?

Nowadays, if you decided to choose an internet service for your business, you get to have many options, and several providers try to look good and match your business requirements.

You can not feel the limitation in possibilities. Many communication companies to small providers are ready to give you an offer, and all you have to do is selecting the most convenient one. As a small business owner, you need fast and reliable internet that fits your budget.

best internet service

Communication comes with internet service

Enterprise Communication is the basic foundation of a business, and it would be count as the essential key to expanding your business. Nothing like a high-speed internet service could give the business access to stay in touch with customers and suppliers in this digital world.

As mention, communication is what you have to work on in your business. That is why all your employee would need a high-rated internet speed to use most of the capacity at work. Your staff is ready to work on multiple devices, and maybe in a different location, so they would need the best basis to work and show their best performance on their job.

Based on a fact from cisco, by 2022, there will be 3.6 network devices or connections to the internet for every human being, and it is expected you get to choose the best offer from several providers.

On the other hand, most of the applications and content like HD video streaming and the business app quickly become popular and new business-standard; it is essential to keep an eye on what ISP offers in new products.

In fact, internet rates have to be high and reliable, and being just acceptable might worked a few years ago, but now providers have to be updated and offer the best options.

Now we reach the most important question, there are several ISP, and you may get confused about which one is suitable for your business. In this article, you can find all the actors that are important and what features are essential.

safe network

Reliability and being fast

There is a quote that says reliability is necessary and fast is better. At the first point, you need a reliable network; it is vital because you transfer hundreds of thousands of data and information through the internet, and you need safe and trustworthy internet service.

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The first possibility of shady internet service is losing all your data which leads to damaging your reputation, then your clients walk away, and eventually, you lose customers and sales because of unreliable internet service.

Next, a higher speed is better. If you have more connections, you need higher bandwidth. Some applications, such as file sharing and online backups, require higher upload speeds. And if you have a high rate internet connection, you get to be able:

  • Be more productive; all the download and uploads will be done quickly, and you have more time to focus on other issues.
  • Quality of communication, all your contact with colleague and customer are based online, via email, social media, and messages. So you need high-rated internet service.
  • Website hosting; all your customer wants to have the best experience to use your service and product, and your website comes in the front line. So, fast load times are needed to allow customers to surf more on pages and make the final purchases.
  • Quick response; sharing and editing documents with customers and colleagues with slow-rated internet would cause lots of time-wasting.
  • Easy to use; in different locations, you would be able to communicate with others and accessible for most people.

Take all the time you need and then decide which provider has the best offer for you as a small business.

technology to communicate

The best technology for business internet

You can choose several broadband services from today: fiber-optic service, DSL, cable, and satellite.

Fiber optic

Fiber optic internet is an advanced internet service that works with the optical network using light to send and receive data over long distances at incredible speeds.

Some make an example of fiber optic internet service you can send and receive at the speed of light. It is the fastest, and some providers offer 940 MBPS/880 Mbps download in some areas.

With fiber optic internet, multiple users on the network can download, upload, stream and share files at the same time.


Digital subscriber lines offer you a reliable internet connection over ordinary telephone lines to deliver fast download speed.

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DSL uses a dedicated line, and the speed rate would be stable. And availability in the business area is the most significant advantage of DSL.


Cables send and receive data over coaxial cables. It is an updated version from traditional over-the-air broadcasting, and it is available with distribution lines in their area.

Cable internet service has a critical disadvantage; in the same geographic area, customers share from one source, and the rate could become slow during rush hours.


Satellite internet service uses the satellite to radius the internet feed wirelessly to a customer installed a satellite dish. It is usable in limited areas where other services are unavailable.

It is slow and expensive compared to other technologies and limited to connect to streaming content, and disturbed by weather.

choose the best service

What factor should you consider for business internet service?

Remember, not all ISP providers the same. Look for the complete and reliable communication solution that would allow your employee to share data accessible and fast and have in mind the following facts:

  1. Reliability: look for the most reliable provider and see the provider’s reputation for being trustworthy. Is there any record of a security bridge in their experience?
  2. Service: look what other customers think about the provider’s service.
  3. Speed: you must know the rate of download and upload. Evaluate all your needs and see what internet speed you expected? With the higher speed, you would save time and increase productivity. And check that whether the bandwidth you are buying is shared or dedicated to your business.
  4. Breadth: inmost cases, when you are requesting faster internet service, you have to pay more. On second thought, it would be good to look for a provider who offers a comprehensive variety of plans to find the best options and choose the most appropriate business.
  5. Support: in case of emergency and outage with your business internet, it is good to be relieved that your provider would solve all the problems. Check if the provider offers online phone customer support.
  6. Expense: several ISP providers offer a discount if you choose internet service packages, packages like phone, television service, etc. Also, some providers offer internet service with online backup services at no additional cost.

As a small business owner, you need reliable and fast business internet service to stay connected with customers and suppliers. Besides, support and reasonable cost are two other facts that are effective in choosing suitable providers.

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The best phone service for your business

The best phone service for your business

After reviewing the best internet service, it is good to see your business’s best phone service. With the pandemic of covid-19, everything changes. Not just lifestyle, but the style of working. Based on the new condition and working from home need some unique requirements.

But sometimes, the limitation is the main reason for creativity. Now with the help of modern technologies and possibilities, you can work from any location.

That is where cloud-based various services can shine. VoIP phone service or cloud PBX gives you the ability to move direct extensions to new geographical areas by just clicking on a mouse.

Also, devices can change with similar ease, either with a software download. With several systems adding a wide variety of team collaboration features, cloud VoIP is probably the best investment a business can make.

what happens next?

Still, we have to admit that covid-19 won’t last forever, but keep in mind that a VoIP phone would make everything easier.

VoIP phone service provides communication for employees at their desks, support call center for sales, customer services, etc. It would offer more necessary and advanced features like a shared meeting, call recording, voice call, and email transcriptions.

Business phone services are offering on different types of plans and terms. They work across many channels, and several phone systems adopt the moniker of unified communications as a service.

These are typically cloud-based, virtual PBXes that include at least one, mainly multiple, software clients, to boost their functionality on the web, desktop, and several mobile devices.

Unifies communication systems have a wide variety of feature sets, though most everything is based on VoIP technology. Even residential VoIP plans come with features that are simply impossible using a conventional telephone system.

VoIP business phone is famous and easy to use because it is flexible. It works with various devices, from analog desk phones to softphones and even mobile devices.

Phone system services can also integrate all information into a back-office application like customer relationship manager (CRM) or any other platform.

These phone systems work in various phone numbers globally so that multinational companies would have easier access to their customers with no additional cost on intelligent devices.

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