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Small Businesses Find Value in Using IT Managed Service Providers

There has been a steady rise in Managed Service Providers (MSP) who offer all-in-one. IT support to small businesses, especially appealing because they have to reduce their workforce everywhere they can. IT is no exception. The smart business owner who stays alert to new technology is finding MSPs can deliver the same level, if not better, of IT support as an in-house IT person at a much lower cost. For example, in the market, a small business should expect to budget about $120.000 for an on-site IT person’s annual salary, benefits, and training. That does not include the additional cost of bringing in vendors and consultants to assist with any upcoming projects. The on-site person may not have the skill set to handle it on their own. It is a monumental task, but not so for some MSPs who can draw from a pool of engineers who specialize in various areas of the IT field, plus they have the funds.


A small business needs a large amount of capital to build its own IT department. 

The cost of software, servers, computers, printers, networking equipment, and IP phones can be a massive CAPEX for a small business to start with, not to mention the annual cost of keeping the network operating at a reasonable level that doesn’t impede productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Regular upgrades of hardware and software are the life cycle of operating a business. If not done routinely, an organization stands to lose a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Keeping the hardware and software on the latest releases and revisions of a communication network with a Manage Service Provider plan can save a company up to 50% of the cost of the in-house method. Most MSPs offer a fixed price plan that includes software upgrades and replacing the hardware that they run on. The advantages are that the MSP will usually be aware of and have completed the upgrade before the end-user knows that an upgrade is available. Small businesses embrace the managed service provider model because they see the managed services provider’s potential. It can help grow their business and reduce energy waste while protecting the earth’s environment.

Managed Service Provider

A business can reduce its carbon footprint by using a Managed Service Provider. 

Computing hardware, particularly servers and UPS, commonly found in in-house IT operations, consumes a lot of electricity. Going with an MSP, servers and UPS hardware are replaced with the MSP data center. Typically, only a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and thin client computer operating at very low wattage are needed at each user’s desk. The data center operates more efficiently through its distributive design to allocate its resources to more than one business at a time, which means fewer servers are needed because more companies share their use. Find out if your MSP uses “ENERGY STAR Products.”


Here is generally expected from an MSP moving IT over to the cloud for a small business.

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