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Cost Saving Cloud Solutions

Our IT services for non-profits ensure that every dollar is accounted for and allocated to the right places and channels.

Let Us Handle Your Non-Profit's IT Services

Right IT Solution For Your Budget

Efficient budgeting is key for any non-profit organization. Our solutions experts are well-versed in the request for proposal process. Our IT services for non-profits ensure that every dollar is accounted for and allocated to the right places and channels. CFBTEL IT consulting services can help your organization reach its goals.

Driving Your Non-Profit Forward with Business Intelligence

Our IT services for non-profits can help you to leverage business intelligence (BI) to implement powerful solutions in your organization. Data is essential to running a successful organization and can help you make the best decisions ;We work with you to develop the right business intelligence solution.

Protecting Your Member and Data

Your contact database of memberships and donors are the foundation of your organization, and that data needs to be secure. If your non-profit IT service needs to involve data protection or specific IT compliance requirements, CFBTEL's IT services for non-profits can help secure all of your important information.

Explore Solutions Based On Your Non-Profit
Business Need


Business Voice Solution

Nonprofit organizations need strong communication methods in order to ensure that they can actively pursue their mission or social cause. CFBTEL phone system is one of the most pertinent systems to have in order to ensure a successful operation.


Microsoft Productivity Tools

Foster collaboration with donors, volunteers, and partners from outside your organization through guest access to Group sites and resources, video conferencing, and chatting with external groups.


Managed WiFi

We design, implement and manage it all for you. Our experts monitor your WiFi connections, provide access point support and handle any additional network change requests.


Secure Networking

We have over 12 years of experience protecting the valuable assets of non-profits from potential hackers and threats and can work with you to determine your current security posture and how we can work together to improve it.

Backup And Recovery

For non-profits, data loss can be devastating. Documents like grant applications, charity event details, donor databases, financial statements to membership lists – everything is stored on your computer. Imagine losing them all in an instant. Rebounding from such data losses can not only be difficult, but really expensive as well.
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Discounted Nonprofit Pricing

We understand how important it is to keep your IT overhead low. We constantly work to secure nonprofit-only discounts from our top partners. We also offer assessments of your security practices, cloud readiness, software asset management and more that help you cut IT waste and save on operational costs.

24/7 IT Support

We are different from traditional managed IT service companies because CFBTEL provides your IT infrastructure for an affordable flat fee with unlimited support. We work to keep your technology up and running, anticipate problems before they occur, and minimize downtime.
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Solutions By Needs

Connect all of your business locations securely and collaborate more effectively,
while working with a single provider.

Business Continuity

Avoid downtime and keep the doors open. Business continuity solutions like cloud voice and SD-WAN keep you connected.


Improve productivity and mobility with enterprise-grade calling and mobility features. Scale as you grow with cloud-based phone system.

Network & Data Security

Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies provide clean, and secured communications.

Remote Workforce

CFBTEL Connect’s secure access and communication tools make working remotely easy to set up and use.

CFBTEL Nonprofit IT Services and Discounted Pricing Help You Do More for Less.

Can CFBTEL Save You Money?

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