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Microsoft 365 Business​

Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 provides innovative and secure apps to create and automate your business processes and collaboration.Microsoft 365 is an integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business. Get apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, updated monthly with the latest features and security updates.With Microsoft 365 Business you get the worldwide standard for desktop apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. See, view, and edit across any of your devices with desktop and mobile applications for Windows PCs, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Benefits Of CFBTEL Connect Microsoft 365​

Users Can Work From Anywhere

As long as you have a working internet connection, you and your workforce will have the ability to work from anywhere. As it's entirely cloud-based, you can access emails, files and Office programs from any location on any device. This is especially helpful for companies that have remote employees.

Robust Security And Reliability

A common misconception about the cloud is that it's not safe. With Office 365, it's Microsoft taking on all of the responsibility for security and reliability. Storing all of your data on the cloud with Office 365 eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive hardware for your server rooms.

Subscription Payment Is Available

Office 365 is a subscription-based service. This means your organization will be paying a low monthly fee for every user, as opposed to taking a huge chunk out of the budget and paying a large lump sum up front as is the case with regular Microsoft Office packages.

Users Can Easily Collaborate

In most organizations, working in teams is the way the business operates. If that's the case in your organization, then you'll appreciate the collaboration features of Office 365. Everyone who needs to contribute or edit a particular document, spreadsheet, presentation or anything else.

Access To The Latest Programs

The latest versions are always available as part of your Office 365 subscription. This means no going around to each individual computer uninstalling old versions and replacing them with new. With Microsoft constantly making upgrades across various programs, you'll have access to all of them.

Work With What You Know

The Office 365 common favorites have remained the same. The only thing that has changed is that they are now all living on the cloud. This means your IT team won't need to train users on how to use software whenever something new is released, which also saves their time.

Office 365 Enables the Mobile Workforce

More and more, people want to be able to work from any location, accessing their emails, business apps and other important information at all times and from any device. Office 365 and Azure are redefining the office, opening up new ways of working and removing geographical boundaries.
#1 Embrace unique work styles
#2 Boost collaboration/teamwork
#3 Work anywhere and on any device
#4 Give them the right technology
#5 Give them a reason
#6 Be inclusive and provide praise
#7 Encourage a work-life balance


A Single Secure Solution Designed For Your Business​

Productivity and collaboration tools and applications:​

Enterprise-grade device management and security:​

Simplified device deployment and user setup:​

Microsoft 365 For Government

Empowering US public sector employees to work together, securely.


Enterprise Package​

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