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Remote Access VPN​

Provide employees with secure and seamless remote access to corporate networks.

Remote Access VPN

The Increasing Adoption of the Cloud & Remote Workforce

A cost-effective solution to meet the increasing demands of your mobile workforce.
More and more organizations are embracing remote workers and transforming from on-premises to the cloud.
The idea of a more user centric network is changing the traditional network we once knew.
While people are now working more remotely from home, cafes, as well as around the world the standard, hardware-based security appliances we’ve depended on are no longer adequate in securing remote and on-premise access.

Benefits Of CFBTEL Remote Access VPN

Remote Access to Information Anytime

Regardless of location, VPNs can be used by employees anytime and anywhere, as long as there’s internet and an approved device being used.

Boost Productivity

Easy 24x7 access to a secure network helps employees get their work done faster and collaborate by sharing files through a private network.

Anonymized Connections

The first is that the IP address gets anonymized. Many users do not realize that any website that they visit tracks which users go to the site.

How Does CFBTEL Remote Access VPNs Work?

CFBTEL Remote Access VPNs enable network security and compliance for organizations transitioning to the public cloud or hybrid cloud environments using SSL, Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), or Wireguard Protocol. This secure network protocol suite authenticates and encrypts data at the IP Packet Layer.
Establishing virtual tunneled connections with IPsec between network resources and an external device and user requires two main components: Perimeter 81’s VPN client software and secure network access gatewayThe IP traffic flows between the two components passes between the Perimeter 81 private gateway and the client, thereby creating an IPsec tunnel to establish a secure VPN communications tunnel. The private tunnel and the data traveling over any network, public or private, is encrypted, keeping all data private and secure.
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