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Secure connectivity your stores require to run applications like POS, Guest WiFi, and to protect customer data.


Simplify vendor management with one provider for your communications and connectivity needs, nationwide.


Streamline operations with nationwide Internet, Managed WiFi, managed network, and retail phone systems.

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Retail Phone System

Ensure reliable and transparent communications with customers in today’s competitive retail environment with CFBTEL’s VoIP Phone Solutions for Retail. The retail cloud phone system can form an integral part of a retailer’s plan and aid him in delivering outstanding customer service.


Contact Center

One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP call center is the ability to route calls wherever they need to go, no matter where your team is located. CFBTEL phone system allows you to take advantage of distributed teams to make sure that no matter what time a customer calls, you always have someone available to answer.


Secure Networking

As retailers add mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices to their in-store Wi-Fi network and adopt multi-cloud infrastructures, the security environment becomes much more obscure. Retailers need centralized control and visibility to achieve compliance with PCI DSS.


Managed WiFi

Customers more and more have come to rely on a reliable wireless network within your stores, and today most retailers are taking advantage of mobility and mobile operations within a store to drive operational efficiency. Wireless connectivity is more than a customer service; it can drive new retail IT solutions for higher productivity and sales.

Robust Connectivity

Retailers need secure, robust connectivity for your business, and reliable WiFi for your customers.Retailers need secure, robust connectivity for your business, and reliable WiFi for your customers.Retailers need secure, robust connectivity for your business, and reliable WiFi for your customers.
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Retail Phone Systems

CFBTEL offers a combination of cloud and on-site services. Both of these options give businesses a way to organize call centers and customer service departments. We also integrates cloud and VoIP phone systems with traditional telephone service.

24/7 IT Support

CFBTEL is here to help retail businesses manage the digital transformation. From retail technology solutions used to optimize the shopping experience, to improving your overall technology performance, we ensure that you are always up and able to conduct business, while still engaging with your customers.
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Solutions By Needs

Connect all of your business locations securely and collaborate more effectively,
while working with a single provider.

Business Continuity

Avoid downtime and keep the doors open. Business continuity solutions like cloud voice and SD-WAN keep you connected.


Improve productivity and mobility with enterprise-grade calling and mobility features. Scale as you grow with cloud-based phone system.

Network & Data Security

Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies provide clean, and secured communications.

Remote Workforce

CFBTEL Connect’s secure access and communication tools make working remotely easy to set up and use.

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