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SD-WAN Solutions​

Achieve ultimate agility, performance and security for your enterprise with CFBTEL's SD-WAN products and solutions

Accelerate Business Velocity with CFBTEL SD-WAN

CFBTEL Connect’s experienced team works with you to design, deploy, and support your custom SD-WAN solution. You will experience a dedicated and thorough onboarding process, proactive monitoring, and ongoing account management.

Benefits of CFBTEL SD-WAN

SD-WAN Edge Infrastructure

Deploy agile, fast and secure WAN edge infrastructure in the branch that integrates best-in-class routing, application acceleration, network visibility, and security services.

Router Replacement

Refresh conventional routers with a next-generation platform that combines enterprise-class routing and advanced SD-WAN services.

Hybrid WAN

Unify management of multiple WAN circuits at remote sites with SD-WAN that dynamically steers traffic across MPLS, Internet Broadband or LTE based on target SLAs and real-time network conditions

SD-WAN Security

Fortify remote sites with advanced security services and extensible service chaining. Leverage secure VPNs, NG firewall, NG IPS, malware protection and unified threat management to protect an expanded threat perimeter.

Internet-Only WAN

Control the costs of branch connectivity with Internet-only WANs. Maintain quality and reliability with dynamic link conditioning, link bonding and fast failover based on real-time monitoring and policy-based SLAs.

Visibility and Analytics

Get real-time visibility and historical analysis of SD-WAN activity and app performance. Extend visibility into the underlay network with Riverbed NPM for unified analytics and insights.

Compare The Features Of SD-WAN Pro And SD-WAN Enterprise

Easy Management

SD-WAN ProSD-WAN Enterprise

Securely connect all of your sites and remote workers on one network. CFBTEL Connect IPsec supports full-mesh or hub-and-spoke topologies and routing policies, and uses end-to-end encryption to ensure confidentiality, data integrity and authentication. Industry-leading technology supports BYOD (bring your own device) yet avoids bandwidth bottlenecks. Customers gain safe and secure access to enterprise data and applications among branch locations, and from remote laptops, tablets, and other devices..

Automatically balance your network traffic between two or more WAN links. .

Traffic automatically redirects to a 4G / LTE interface in the event of a connectivity failure. Requires an existing or new 4G / LTE circuit (sold separately)..

Hardware redundancy at the premises.

A firewall that is able to secure applications, not just ports and IP packets. Customers can set security policies for specific applications.

Check the status of your Internet connection—24/7/365. If we detect an issue, we will automatically contact you via email, create a trouble ticket, and quickly work to resolve the problem and minimize your network downtime.

Protects you from attacks that use HTTPS and other commonly used SSL-encrypted protocols including SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS, and FTPS.

Customer network data (system and configuration) is replicated across multiple data centers and gateways. If a gateway goes down, the SD-WAN device connects to another gateway that already has the customer’s data network

The bandwidth of two or more connections is combined to provide a single connection. Traffic path is selected per packet based on loss, latency, and jitter.

Route calls and other priority real-time application traffic over the cleanest WAN connect to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality, and echoes.

Application link and route decisions are made at the premises and within the CFBTEL Connect core network.

Implement comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards your network and data assets against viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats, with AV/Malware, IPS, and Web Filtering.


Cost Savings With CFBTEL SD-WAN Solutions


50 Locations
Business Cable (50 Mbps) for $165/mo. per site
Business DSL (3.0 Mbps) for $70/mo. per site
SD-WAN for $99/mo. per site
50 x $344 = $16,700/month

36 Month TCO = $601,200

50 Locations
MPLS Ethernet (10 Mbps) for $690/mo. per site
50 x $690 = $34,500/month

36 Month TCO = $1,242,000

Cost Effective Solutions Savings With CFBTEL SD-WAN

SD-WAN Can Improve The Quality Of Your Internet Connection Even When Experiencing Packet Loss. Watch These Videos To See How 2% Packet Loss Affects Voice And Video Connection, With And Without SD-WAN.

With SD-WAN Enterprise:

Play Video

Without SD-WAN Enterprise:

Play Video

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