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SharePoint Hosting

Collaboration - Online Editing - Storage - Electronic Document Management

Enterprise Collaboration And Content Management​

SharePoint empowers teamwork with dynamic and productive intranet and team sites for every project, department, and organization.​


Get The Benefits Of SharePoint Hosting

Effortless Collaboration

SharePoint is a rich, open platform that makes it easy to create and share business information from a single location. SharePoint and OneDrive can seamlessly connect employees with the documents, information, people, and projects they need to perform their jobs. Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams fill gaps in business communication and use technology to facilitate internal conversations.

Simplified Information Exchange

Easy information exchange goes together with better collaboration. Special features such as alerts make it easy for employees to easily get the important information they need, without costly delays or miscommunication. Simplifying access to business information for everyone enables collaboration and keeps everyone in the loop. Users can have access to business data from systems such as Microsoft CRM and ...

Better Productivity

SharePoint and OneDrive give your company the opportunity to streamline and automate key processes. It’s easier than ever to transmit data, track information, manage documents, work on group projects, and much more without confusion or delays. Customize your solution using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to best suit the unique needs of your staff members, maximizing ease of use and productivity.

Sharepoint Plans & Add-Ons

Hosted Sharepoint​

Dedicated Sharepoint​

Plan Details

SharePoint SSL certificates
Additional level of data security.

Personalized URLs
For customers developing a public-facing site.

Office Web Apps
Browser-based versions of the Microsoft Office suite, for creating, editing, and sharing documents from within SharePoint, wherever you access it.

Specialized SharePoint Web Parts
Enhance a site’s “out of the box” capabilities for rapid deployment and employee productivity, while SharePoint Active Directory synchronization provides customers a single point to create, modify, or delete accounts and passwords.

Professional Services
Available for those that require an added level of expertise to design, install, configure, and customize a solution that addresses their unique needs and requirements.

SharePoint Foundation 2019
For smaller organizations or departments looking for an entry-level solution for secure, web-based collaboration find an answer in SharePoint Foundation. It can be used to coordinate schedules, organize documents, and facilitate discussions through team workspaces, blogs, wikis, and document libraries on the platform that is the underlying infrastructure for SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server 2019 Standard
Provides a business collaboration platform that is useful across all types of content. Using the core capabilities of SharePoint allows organizations to manage content and business processes, find and share information and expertise, and simplify how people work together across geographical boundaries. It also supports creation of public Internet sites or basic extranets.

SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise
For organizations that need the full capabilities of SharePoint to support complex business requirements. It enables advanced scenarios for end users to locate, create, and act on all kinds of data and documents in a familiar way. It employs the full capabilities of SharePoint to fully interoperate with external line-of-business applications, Web services, and Microsoft Office client applications. Its support for rich data visualization, dashboards, analytics, forms, and workflows enables better teamwork and better decision-making for your business success.

Add-Ons for Dedicated SharePoint
Unleash the full power of collaboration and communication available through Microsoft SharePoint with access to a wide range of add-ons to customize your SharePoint collaboration implementation.

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Is Office 365 the Same as SharePoint?

No, Office 365 is not the same as SharePoint. Office is Micosoft’s subscription-based productivity tool and offers key business applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype. The main difference between Office 365 and SharePoint is that Office enables file-based storage and non-complex collaborations with small amounts of content, whereas SharePoint provides the ability to manage complex content and collaboration requirements, create custom workflows, and enforce specific security requirements.
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