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Unified Threat Management (UTM)​

Proven protection for your network – Effective at blocking evasive threats

Unified Threat Management (UTM)​

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

CFBTEL Unified Threat Management (UTM) gives users the ability to see the applications that are crossing the network.
UTM firewall enables the business owner to block skype or allow it only for specific machines. This is an incredible power that gives true granularity to what is about to cross your network.
Not only does this enable application based decisions to be made, but UTM also opens up the web-filtering, intrusion protection, data loss prevention, and SSL intercept cans of worms.
If you want to know what is going on with your network and where the threats truly are, Fortinet UTM is for you. The following sections will break the UTM down into the various security profiles that the UTM provides and utilizes.

100% Cloud Unified Threat Management


Choice of AntiVirus engine balances performance and provides security options for your environment

Multi-Threat Security

Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies provide clean, accelerated and secured communications

Lower IT Budget

Tightening IT budgets – Take advantage of CFBTEL’s overall lower total cost of ownership from its consolidated solution, plus low renewal costs

CFBTEL Multi-Layer UTM Protection

Protect Against Malicious Attacks And Costly Downtime.​


Advanced Security Also Includes:​

Security And Redundancy, Simplified For The Enterprise​

manage it service

Manage Internal Security Risks

Flat networks weaken when attacked because they don’t offer any advanced security inspection.
CFBTEL Next-Generation deliver network-based segmentation to reduce the attack surface and inhibit the ability of an attack to spread laterally within the network, securing any segmentation (micro-, macro-, port- or application-based) with automated workflows, adaptive trust, and high-performance threat protection to achieve defense in depth, and compliance.

Protect any Network Edge at any Scale

Secure Remote Working

NacaLaw is a nonprofit legal alliance providing legal homeownership preservation services to help you save your home.
To keep up with this growth, the company recently chose to CFBTEL its IT infrastructure. Because data protection was critical to the business, NacaLaw chose CFBTEL to implement the new infrastructure's security aspects;
When the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly required more than 200 NacaLaw employees to work from home, CFBTEL's network security and secure access solutions helped them stay productive and provide excellent customer service.

UTM Case Study

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