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what is ethernet cable color code?

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Posted on Oct 25, 2021


Ethernet cable color codes identify eight wires in cat 5, cat 5e, or Cat 6 cables. These cables are used for internet access in homes and offices (most common).

Ethernet cable color code is the combination of 4 pairs of wires twisted together. Identifying each pair is necessary because it carries different data through them. The cable should be labeled at both ends to identify the color code of each wire. The standard color code for four pairs in cat 5, cat 5e, and cat six cables is as follows:

Pair 1 = White/Green Pair 2 = Green/Orange Pair 3 = Blue/Blue-White Pair 4 = Orange/Brown

Standard color for each pair should be followed while labeling both ends of the cable. If only one end is tagged, then it will be a little confusing. Some people follow different color codes, which is not standard, and some do not follow any color code. For labeling purposes, use a wire label, or you can also create your labels.

>how would ethernet cable used?

Ethernet cable is used for internet access in homes and offices, the most common. The cable can be used for both incoming line connection or outgoing line connection. Outgoing line connections required different color codes between the incoming connections for internet access.

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How to install cat5e ethernet cables?

The installation process of cat5e ethernet cables is the same as cat5 ethernet cables. The cable is easy to install for single-line connections at home or offices. However, different color codes are required for outgoing internet connections also. For two lines connections (incoming and outgoing), the professional person should install the cable only.

How to fix open ports on a router?

Open ports are not fixed by resetting the router. Ports are opened for internet connections, and to set open ports, internet connections should be closed. Check if all links are correctly installed, and then try again after 1 or 2 hours.

Why does the ethernet cable come in different colors?

Different colors are used for identification purposes. If cables are not labeled, then there will be other connections in the same router. This cause white page error in internet connections and this problem can be easily identified with color codes.

How to fix slow internet using wifi?

Different things can cause slow internet problems. If you have more than one router, then switches should be used between them. Controllers have the best performance compared to routers, and if more devices are connected with these routers, the version will become slower.

Wifi is also a reason for slow internet. Many people use wifi in their homes, offices, and other places for fast internet access. For the same reason, if too much data is transferred through wifi, it will become slower because the router can not handle that much traffic.

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How do you create your labels?

Creating labels are easy, but you need a laser printer for the best results. You can also print labels on standard paper and stick them with scotch tape at the cable end. For best quality, the thickness of writing should be greater than 0.5mm only. The thickness of the paper is necessary for laser printers, or you can also use printed stickers instead of paper labels.

Why is cat6 ethernet cable better than cat5?

Cat6 ethernet cable is better than cat5 because it can carry more data than cat5. The capacity of cat6 will be up to 10GB, whereas the ability of cat5 is only 1GB. If you plan to use the internet connection in the future, which may require faster speed or significant traffic, go for Cat6 cables.

Why do you need to test the cable?

Testing cable is necessary for quality control because wrong cables may cause problems in the future. Quality control should be maintained while manufacturing cables so that they will work properly for a longer time. If you can not test your lines, go for an authorized dealer only who will check the cable quality before selling to you.

How to test cat5e cable?

The cable can be tested with a tool or a multimeter. For a device, the price is meager, and it is not costly for professional use. Also, if you want to buy them, then consider this one from amazon. If you have a multimeter, then go for these instructions from youtube.

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For both tools and multimeter, continuity should be ensured through cable. Cable connections should also be checked before putting them into use because cables have many types of errors that need to be checked before going live.

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