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What Is Symmetrical Internet?

What are the advantages of symmetrical internet?
Posted on Apr 26, 2021

How Symmetrical the Internet Works?

Everything is about speed, and you need to do all your work super fast. Fiber optic internet is the best option for your business. It’s fast, reliable, and cost-saving. Fiber optic internet is known for being super fast, but another element makes it unique; it counts as symmetrical internet, which means the download and upload speeds are the same.

Suppose your download rate is 100 Mbps; if you have symmetrical internet, your upload speed will also be 100 Mbps. Generally, you find symmetrical internet speed in fiber optic features plans, and it would be easy to identify these symmetrical internets because they are titled with a simple slash above.

Simply if a plan is 500/500 or something similar, you have the duplicate uploads and downloads speed’s rate.  Mostly DSL and cable internets don’t offer symmetrical speeds and, your download/upload speed is different.


symmetrical internet


Why you need symmetrical internet?

Most business has survived with upload speed below 50 Mbps. If you were born in the 80s or 90s, you remember precisely how was the upload speed. So you may wonder if you survived 50 Mbps, why you need symmetrical internet?

The answer is simple if you mainly just need the internet to surf the web and check on your niece’s and nephew’s new picture on Facebook, you probably don’t need symmetrical internet. But if you are students, business owners, telecommuters. Content creators and YouTubers, you definitely need symmetrical internet and feel better when you work via the internet.

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how symmetrical internetworks


The category of people who mention is often working with uploading PDF files, large format graphic files, and videos to the internet and sharing them with clients, coworkers, and teachers.

Here is an estimation time of uploading different files with different speed rates, and you can see the difference.


Upload speedFile sizeTime to upload
10 Mbps1 GB15 minutes
100 Mbps1 GB1 minute 30 seconds
300 Mbps1 GB30 seconds


As a YouTuber, you need symmetric internet?

You probably know that all YouTubers need a fast connection; symmetrical internet would provide the fast and reliable network to have Livestream and upload large videos in a short time.

A symmetrical internet connection would make your process faster. If you have a slow connection, your viewers would be disappointed and may leave your channel. Or even you might get frustrated whenever it takes a long time to upload a large format video.


How much upload speed you need?


How much upload speed you need?

Of course, faster internet would help you make your request more quickly, and you may wonder how much upload speed you need? That would be a one-million-dollar question that the answer is not straightforward.

Having high internet speed needs more cost, and just paying for the fastest upload rate available would result in overpayment every month, and that is why everyone avoids it. Almost everyone is satisfied with upload to speed under 25 Mbps.

Let’s put it in this way so everything would be more explicit; To make sure your face doesn’t show up as a pixelated mish-mash of colors, you’ll need 1.3 Mbps upload speeds. And what about streaming on Twitch in HD? You’ll need a surprisingly slow rate of 3.6 Mbps to do that comfortably.

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Here is some average internet rate that is recommended for a different type internet users:

  • Average users that need just surfing the web: 5-10 Mbps
  • Gamers and video creators: a connection with no latency and speed of 5-10 Mbps
  • Content creators and video conference attendees: 10 Mbps minimum


How much download speed should be?


How much download speed should be?

Businesses, based on their requirements, need 100, 300, or even over 500 Mbps. They need to send and receive data and files as fast as possible to fulfill their achievements. Employees need to share files at the office, provide content and share on social media, and upload videos and large format files.

It is evident that one person doesn’t need fast upload and download speed. There is no need for a high rate or symmetrical internet here. The business is talking about 30 to 100 or even higher number of employees working on a building and using internet connection to continue working.

So all businesses need super-fast upload speeds to be sure all their employees have all recourses to do their day-to-day tasks.


What are the advantages of symmetrical internet?


What are the advantages of symmetrical internet?

One of the most important advantages of a symmetrical connection is that it would provide circumstances that if you are uploading a large file on the internet, you still have the perfect connection for downloading, and you wouldn’t face loss of bandwidth.

If your business is equipped with a VoIP solution, symmetrical internet connections are ideal to use. Being able to achieve consistent upload and download speeds prevents latency and provides excellent audio quality. Test your speed now.

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Symmetrical connection gives you access to the internet uncontended with no trouble to transfer data stream fast all the time.


  • Send and receive extensive data fast
  • Be able to collaborate online with no latency
  • Being reliable and dedicated

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