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What is the Meaning of “Voip Caller”?

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Posted on Jul 18, 2021

What is a VOIP Phone System?

There was a famous sentence when alexander bell got successful for the first time. “can you hear me, Mr. Watson?” this sentence was the first data that get through the wires. Then every day, something new arrives. Nowadays, landlines are capable of transmitting data through cables and fiber optic cables. Cellphones make everything easy and shared sounds through radio waves. And VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, works via internet technology to deliver calls.

Internet comes with specific terms of use; basically, most of us think it comes in visual terms, and anytime we connected, we expected to see something on screens, and the duration of sound rarely comes to mind.

By using Skype or other applications to make a call, you would notice the technology of VoIP. These applications work over the internet, or when you watch a video on youtube, the sound you hear is sent over an internet connection.

Is VoIP call a sign of Fraudulent?

It might be a question for you what to do if there is a VoIP Caller? Simply it means that a person or business uses an internet-based phone service to reach you. So do you need to be concerned? You probably would know that Fraudulent activity could happen over VoIP calls, but it is not the only way. Cellphones and landline phones are not immune, and you always need to be aware.

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Who would need and use VoIP technology the most?

Every day VoIP services become more and more popular. It counts as a primary tool for businesses and quickly replacing traditional landlines. Whether you are a small or large business, you would be more satisfied using VoIP services. It would save a ton of money and provide streaming phone communication to make better customer services.

What is the difference between VoIP and regular phones?

You might remember how phone companies come to your place in the old days and make drill holes in the walls. It’s all unnecessary now, and you won’t need to have those ugly phone jacks. VoIP requires less hardware than phone systems. And unlike the regular phone, VoIP allows you to use different devices and is not limited by just phones. You can use it over your laptop, tablet, and smartphone to make calls. Also, there is the possibility to use a landline whenever you feel nostalgic.

VoIP phone numbers

It is no difference between a VoIP phone number and a regular phone number. And there is no need to do anything differently or worry about being stuck with some odd number. There is a seven-digit phone number with an area code. There is one significant difference over a regular number that A single location does not limit VoIP numbers. This means whether you are a business owner or not; you would have a VoIP number.

Landlines and cell phones are localized; that is the main reason why you would be limited to a specific area code and number. If you have a business in multiple locations and need services in different physical locations, VoIP phone services would be a suitable choice. Also, if your company has remote employees or working from other sites, you could make the best use of it.

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For instance, if your business is in California and has a Florida customer, you may want to look for a secure way to communicate. Think about it this way; how often have you ignored a phone call just because it was coming from an area code you didn’t recognize? On the other hand, if you see a call from the same area where you live, you’re more likely to answer.

Using VoIP internally

PBX systems

Companies with multiple on-site phone lines traditionally rely on PBX systems, which provide employees manage internal communications. From handling requirement information to dialing the coworker across the office and ask what they are doing for lunch.

PBX networks would need internal hardware and wiring to connect offices and workstations throughout a building. After installing PBX systems, companies could handle internal and external communication seamlessly.

Internal calls have no cost, but outside calls are charged as the regular landline. Long-distance and international charges still apply. Also, there may be additional charges for extra features. Thus, PBX pricing can get complicated and expensive.


You have the option to choose between fixed VoIP or non-fixed VoIP. A fixed system is like PBX, and like the title, it is fixed and limited by a physical location like a regular phone line. Although it does require internal wiring, installation is not as complicated. Non-fixed VOIP is the least expensive option of the two and needs minimal setup.

VoIP, known as a cloud-based platform, you get to eliminate several international and long-distance charges. Businesses using VOIP can also use any of their office devices for making and receiving calls.

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Does VOIP Provide the Same Features as Traditional Phones?

Yes, and much more. VOIP gives you a lot of the same features that other phones provide.


AT CFBTEL, our VoIP services provide features like:

  • Caller ID and call screening
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Conference calling
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail
  • Email alerts
  • Functional call reporting
  • And much more

In addition to these features, our services also include HD sound quality for our phone systems

As you’ve learned by now, VOIP callers are just using a different type of phone technology. We expect you to see more incoming “VOIP Callers” as more businesses begin to figure out how much money they can save. Maybe that business owner is you, and you would like to find out how business VOIP can reduce your monthly costs and improve your efficiency.






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