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What is the Solution to the Phone System for Small Businesses?

VoIP phone service
Posted on Mar 2, 2021

Small Business Phone Solutions

every business goal is to Enterprise Communications with clients to sell their products. Not having good tools would make your business face savior damages.

Communication accessories might be the most crucial part of a business, especially small businesses that need more to communicate to expand their business, and this could be a small business phone solution.

Companies need to have the flexibility of accessing any internal office from anywhere in the world.  With a suitable phone, you can even transfer calls internally and accept calls simultaneously, and you can simply do all of that with a business phone system.

small business phone solution

What is a business phone system?

With the business phone system, companies would manage their call in a much more efficient way. It could count as a good solution for small businesses. a phone business system uses many lines, and phones are attached in a network, allowing better reception, lower congestion, and several benefits besides all the features that come with extra services.

It also provides unified communications that include phone, video, and chat forms of communication. With a business phone system, you can work from various locations and prepare some space that your customer has the best experience.

Business phone system offers three kinds; KSU, PBX, and VoIP.  As a business owner, you should search and evaluate which type is right for your business.

business phone solution

Following is a small briefing on all three kinds, you can make up your mind to see which one is suitable for you.


Critical system units might be the oldest system of communications that businesses require to provide. It presents the basic facilities for telecommunication needs.

Small businesses with 40 employees at a maximum range could request and utilize KSU type of business phone systems and make it work for the company.

This system has a limited number of phone lines that you can use. And it is the closest a business phone system can come to the home telephone system. It is a simple phone service that provides basic call features, and you can expect some features like flexibility and portability from KSU.

The primary type of KSU works manually to determine the phone line section. Bypassing the time and advancement of technology, the KSU-less system with portable, flexible, and wireless features is the substitute.

Even with added features, the KSU-less system is suitable only for small businesses. It is not ideal for these businesses that want to expand their sight or grow the company.

PBX Phone System

Private brach exchange or PBX Phone System is a good choice for your small business, but be aware that if your business grows and works with KSU (any type) and upgrades your phone system to PBX, you can not go back the older version. Another way to say is that if your business expands, KSU won’t function for your business, and you have to switch to other kinds of business phone systems.

PBX, known as a private branching exchange system, could be the solution for small businesses. Compare to KSU; it has more features and services, such as automatic routing of incoming calls.

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PBX phone service is suitable for business that has over 40 employees, and communication is much easier. It has a system that all the phones in the system continue to work during a power failure.

PBX is a cost-effective phone system for businesses; even though there is a financial service of the PBX system known as the hosted PBX, it could be programmed on the telephone provider’s premises and directly affect the installation cost maintenance.

voip phone

VoIP Phone System

Everyone is talking about VoIP phone services today as the best example of communication tools in the business phone system. You may also know it as voice over internet protocol, and it is the most advanced business phone system. It provides you to communicate without any limit on location. It runs by internet and work wherever you want.

Among all business phone systems, VoIP Phone System is the most expensive, and the cost depends on your usage and the number of your employees that need to communicate over the phone to share updates on tasks.

When you check all the business requirements, evaluate your budget on communication tools, and then decide what could be the best option for your business and help grow your business.


phone business service

Many small businesses work with multiple phone lines; some even get help with mobile phones to communicate with clients. And the first step of every business owner is to look at what product has the highest efficiency and lower cost.

A small business can evaluate a business phone system’s functionality and make the best choice on the lowest monthly payment subscriptions. That is why you need to keep reading the article to find out the small business phone solutions and the benefits of business phone services.

It is concise guidance for large and small businesses for choosing the right type of communication tools, cost, functionality, and customer experience.

phone business

Small business phone solution in share phone lines

If you run a non-phone system business, it would be hard for an employee to access a specific phone line. They might have to wait that the line is terminated on that person’s phone.

On the other hand, traditional ways won’t help; some business owners think about having a separate phone number for each employee, and it needs lots of jack and line installation. It is not wise and not cost-effective; even some small businesses can not afford the expense.

However, using a business phone system would provide some space for your employee to share phone lines. They would access every phone set and line, even a separate extension for each employee. This could work properly for a small or medium business office.

phone solution
With a business phone system and dial a four-digit number, they can reach and talk through the phone even in long-distance.

Small business phone solution with four-digit dialing

In traditional old business, employees have to shout or walk over to others’ desks to communicate with each other. But technology would help eliminate the extra effort, and by picking up, the phone employees would have a pleasant and smooth experience to talk and communicate.

With a business phone system and dial a four-digit number, they can reach and talk through the phone even in long-distance.

By utilizing a phone business system, you can reduce the expense of long-distance calls because internal phone calls work via an internal network and don’t charge as a foreign phone call.

Small business phone solution; an auto attendant

It would happen to you that you call a company and heard recording guidance and ask you to dial a number to connect a specific department. It is called an auto attendant.

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By replacing an auto attendant with a live operator, you can easily manage calls and have a pleasant experience. An auto attendant handles all incoming calls, and callers can dial an extension a menu of options.

Besides an auto attendant, there is an option for callers; if a caller gets lost between numbers and departments, there is a live operator to guide. It is a handy solution for small businesses because they don’t have to pay a receptionist to manage the calls without any distraction for other employees.

Small business phone solution; a unified communications

As a benefit of the business phone system, you can enjoy the unified communication that provides a proper user junction for all communication forms, including voice, messages, video conferencing, data sharing, and presence. In this way, you can be reducing the cost of monthly fees.

Unified communication comes in various forms communicate; from talking over the phone to instant messaging to speaking urgently. Also, employees can share screens with other clients and collaborates.

If you run a business with a two-line phone set and need voice messaging, you would need to consider monthly payments for each message and the associated forwarding feature.

And a small business with five phone lines and about 40 employees would pay hundreds of dollars per month on voice messaging from a local phone company. But by utilizing a business phone system, the cost would highly decrease.

Small business phone solution on reducing expenses

A small business would spend an average of $5 per month for a conference bridge with a business phone system. With the option of 3 way call. But the expense will go add up if your business has many phone lines.

CRM Customer Relationship Management for business sales marketing system

Small business phone solution on integration CRM

One of the significant advantages of a business phone system is allowing a company to integrate its customer relationship management with its phone system. With this privilege, customer account information can pop up on the computer screen whenever they call. This functionality is made possible with caller ID technology, and with the account information, the employee would have better customer conversation.

Also, at the sales department, every employee could dial their desk phone with a mouse click. Every call is automatically logged into the business’s CRM. Generally, this feature comes with a call recording option, and every incoming and outgoing call would automatically record and stores the customer account information. You can use the recording as an example for training and monitoring purposes.

Small business phone solution; transfer calls

In a business world, a company without a phone system is not acceptable, and of course, it’s not professional. Phone system would provide space for employees to accept and transfer calls just by pushing a bottom, and there is no need to shout at your colleague and ask them to answer the phone on line 2. Easy and smooth, every call can be transfer to another employee or voicemail.

Small business phone solution; outgoing caller ID

If your business runs with an office phone system, there are several options that you can use. Almost every phone system can be programmed to show all the outgoing calls a unified appearance on the recipient’s caller ID. With this feature, the business can be more professional, and it is a significant opportunity to work on your business brands.

A business phone system comes with several benefits, but it is not convincing to calculate all the hidden costs of not employing one. When you decide to have a business phone system for your company, it is essential to consider the budget. But sometimes, cheaper equipment would lead to waste of your time and doest have the expected functionality. Assuming too much about cost would make your business loos the quality and client and won’t have a pleasant experience. Sometimes investing in communication equipment would bring several benefits.

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Make plans on your budget and add the total cost you would spend for a suitable phone system. It would be more economical to start with a practical business phone system when you look at it this way.

business phone

Best business phone system for small business

Based on previous experience, once you use the business phone system and know what benefits might bring to your business, you want to know which provider is the best on the market. Here is the list of some of the best business phone system providers that may suit your business.


One of the VoIP business phone service providers is Nextiva. They would bring some of the best features for your company. Apart from the fact that negative is known for feature-rich, the setup is quick, and the cost is reasonably affordable for small businesses. Also, they have unified communications that lead small businesses to find a way to the road of expanding.

You get to have standard call management and also get an unlimited domestic call. Voicemail, chat automatic routing, and a lot more. You can make CRM  adjust to your system.

phone service provider


Ringcentral is a choice for businesses of all sizes. It came with a heavily featured commercial; the phone system platform makes it very easy to work and enhance the customer experience.

Like every other provider, you can have standard calls, video meetings, screen sharing, and integration with various cloud storage like Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft.


You can find the best business phone solution at CFBTEL. It would be a suitable choice for businesses of all sizes. You can exchange your current PBX to the CFBTEL cloud phone system, or get a hosted VoIP system with superpowers. With a modern cloud phone system, you can enjoy a lot of features like call recording, voicemail management, web browser management, and a lot more.


Ooma is a VoIP-based service that mainly offers a VoIP business phone system. You can have several benefits for your company, such as an auto-attendant, mobile app, dialing extensions, and more. The setup is straightforward and effortless and takes just a few minutes to adjust. It counts as a good solution for small businesses.


A grassHopper is a tool on business phone service that would provide you all the best you want. With this provider, you get to have inbound calls on mobile devices or fixed phones via their virtual line functionality.

Using this service, you get standard calling features and even vanity numbers to communicate with clients. This would be a good opportunity for your business branding and look more professional to your customers and client.


Bottom line

Now you know all about the business phone system, solution, and benefits that come with it. Now is the decision time to make up your mind and don’t wait on implanting the most suitable method in your business.

But if you still don’t know what you should do about this subject, the best would be to consult with an expert and help you decide. This is the best option for you, and you get to find out what the business phone service would do with your company.

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