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What is WiFi cloud management?

Cloud migration consulting
Posted on Aug 29, 2021

WiFi cloud management

Network security is a hot topic these days, so let’s dig into what exactly it means. You may have heard the term ‘WiFi cloud management’ or ‘managed WiFi’ being thrown around, but you aren’t sure what it means – and why it can be crucial to your home network. This article will help you understand the technology and how you can use it to keep your WiFi network secure.

When most people think of ‘home networking’ – they think of the things that connect to their wireless router: computers, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, and smart appliances like smart TVs or a Nest thermostat. But all these pieces are only one part of the home network.

The router is the key hardware component that broadcasts a wireless network, but only one-half of the equation. A WiFi manager like Fingbox also includes ‘cloud management to provide security and help protect your home network from malicious activity. Think of cloud management as a second layer on top of your hardware router, making it easy to monitor and manage your home network.

the two halves of the equation are hardware router & cloud management


wifi cloud management

So what does cloud management do?

A WiFi manager provides several helpful services for protecting your devices on a network:

  • helps you detect suspicious activity, like unusual device connections or traffic that doesn’t seem to match your habits
  • provides simplified device management for connected appliances like smart TVs, DVRs, or even a Nest thermostat
  • helps you enforce parental controls for devices on your network so that young children don’t access inappropriate sites or apps

Why is WiFi cloud management critical?

It’s simple – just like a home security system, it provides an extra level of security against cyber-attacks. A WiFi manager can help you recognize threats and suspicious activity on your network before they result in damage or data loss. It also helps improve the features generally provided by conventional routers. For example, you can use a WiFi manager to enable parental controls on devices (like computers, tablets, or gaming consoles) that generally don’t have that feature. If your router doesn’t provide web-filtering, then your WiFi manager will be able to help keep an eye out for harmful sites or apps whenever they’re connected to the network.

How does cloud management make life easier?

Cloud management is a valuable tool because it makes WiFi monitoring and administration easy. The basic features provided by most routers are usually just enough for people who don’t want to get into the details of network security. Still, once you start looking into advanced protection, you’ll need a more robust network management tool.




The two primary benefits of cloud management are:

  • it allows for ease of access to network information when you need it.
  • The ability to set customizable alerts and warnings for suspicious activity on the network


Below we discuss these features in greater depth.


Accessing Network Information from Anywhere


With a WiFi manager, users can access important information about the network from anywhere – this is especially useful if you want to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. The ability to be alerted when a device accesses a blocklisted site, or the option to see and filter websites that all connected devices on the network have visited are some of the most popular features of cloud management. All a user has to do is log in from anywhere using an internet connection, and they’ll be able to view network activity.


Customizable Alerts for Suspicious Activity


Cloud management allows you to define alerts for suspicious activity on the network. If something seems off or unusual (or if any of your devices appears to have been compromised), you’ll be notified straight away. For example, if your webcam turns on in the middle of the night, or if your laptop is being used by someone else halfway across the world, you will get an alert about it.


Several other alerts could indicate suspicious activity – these include:

  • a device accessing a blocked site


  • a highly unusual increase or decrease in network activity


  • an IP address not recognized as belonging to your home network


These are just a few examples of suspicious activity on the network, but there are plenty more things that you might want to keep an eye out for. Cloud management makes it easy to set alerts for all kinds of unusual activity on the network, so you’ll always have peace of mind while you’re at work or away from home.

In today’s ever-changing landscape, a WiFi manager that offers cloud management is the ideal solution for anyone who wants simple, secure access to their network and its activity. Learn more about cloud management by visiting our website today!


Further, explain features

You may already have a router installed at home to broadcast your WiFi network. In many cases, it’s probably good enough. But if you’re looking for an extra layer of security or just more control over your devices – then cloud management is a must. You can get all these benefits with Fing’s WiFi cloud management – it lets you see what devices have been connected and which websites they’ve visited, as well as the option to manage connected appliances. And did we mention that it also provides detailed insights into your network activity? All this is just some of what makes Fingbox the best WiFi cloud management device on the market.

What are the advanced secure cloud WiFi management and support?

  • it provides many benefits, including:
  • parents can block any website via Fingbox with an automated schedule, and administrators can remotely configure networks
  • Ability to monitor network activity for malicious users
  • powerful tools to block devices from accessing the Internet or trigger an alert when a device accesses a blocklisted site. It’s not just protection against cyber threats.
  • Option to manage connected devices via a mobile app that works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices; also works with Google Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Apple TV, Roku, and other home appliances; Fingbox is easy to install and has no monthly fees or contracts.


more details about features:


  • Devices can be blocked automatically when they access a blocklisted site or category of places; it’s ideal for parents to protect their kids from accessing harmful content.
  • Can receive alerts if suspicious activity is detected on the network (i.e., data exfiltration, brute force login, and more).


advanced features to manage WiFi access on all devices connected to the network:

  • the ability to pause internet access for specific time intervals (you can use FingBox without subscribing to additional services).
  • Can monitor the activity of all connected devices, including ‘smart’ appliances that guests are using; Fingbox is easy to install on existing routers.
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