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What is Your Desired Internet Connection Type?

types of broadband connection
Posted on Jan 30, 2021

What is a broadband internet connection?

The Types of Broadband Internet Connection is different. A broadband internet connection generally has a speed download of several megabits per second, and the upload speed is typically slower.

Users of the broadband internet service (end-user or governments) can only use the broadband internet connection with high bandwidth. VoIP technology, transferring extensive data, teleworking, online tv, managing pictures on the cloud, streaming video online, etc.

What Are the activities that require broadband internet connections? And this article describes different types of broadband internet connection.

The phrase broadband internet connection refers to the internet service with a high speed and data transfer level; also, you can find it in different types. However, there is no clear guidance about the exact level of speed.

It would be a question for those who want to measure the internet connection speed and consider it a broadband internet connection.

Besides, you probably know that in technology territory, especially in the communication area, the best result appears within constant bandwidth increasing.


Why should you get broadband internet service?

Internet broadband connection is a faster, more reliable, and joyful experience compare to a dial-up connection. With the higher rate, web pages load quicker, download complete quicker and you can watch movies and listen to music online with no interruptions.

The broadband connection lets the user share the connection between multiple devices at home or computers at the offices. A router and modem with a WiFi connection can transmit one broadband connection with all computers and smart devices.

fiber internet connection

What are the connection options for broadband internet?

There was a need for an analog telephone line or an ISDN connection the traditional way in dial-up connection. Broadband internet connection has an entirely different way and routine to connect to the internet; there are different Broadband Internet Connection types.

DLS, satellite, cable, fiber optic, and wireless. Based on the condition you have, you can choose what suits you the best. For instant, in Germany, the most common use of broadband technology is DSL. Two-wire copper telephone lines make the higher bandwidth available.

Other technologies based on fixed-line connections are internet connections via cable TV or optical connections such as fiber optics. In addition to these technologies, a broadband internet connection can also be implemented on a wireless basis. These use mobile networks, satellites, or other wireless technologies such as WLAN and WiMAX.

Location availability for broadband connection

A broadband internet connection is a key location factor for both private users and companies. Politicians, therefore, strive for widespread availability of broadband internet. After all, providing a high-speed internet connection is especially difficult in rural areas, requiring significant internet suppliers’ investments.

The government, therefore, supports the expansion in underserved areas with public funds. Wireless technologies such as LTE are often used in these areas as they do not require cables’ costly running.

broadband type

What are the types of broadband internet connection?

There are many broadband technologies and options available for you to use in today’s world. However, not all broadband services may open for your home or office location. It is best to look search in the website provider for selecting a broadband service and check all the options and availability.

If your desired service is not available, there should be some high-speed alternative that could be suitable for you. In the list below, there are some data about different types of broadband investment connections.

  1. Cellular network

3G,4G,5G, or LTE network available for your smart devices’ plan is also counts as a broadband network connection.  It gives you the ability to use it with your laptop via hotspot with your smart device. Nowadays, every smartphone is capable of this option to connect to the internet.

  • Remember that all the network carriers don’t allow your phone to tether. When you decided to use your smartphone as a hotspot, remember that all your data on the phone can easily be compromised to expose; for instance, if you have 10 GB of internet data, set a limit, and start the hotspot because your data can incur additional charges.
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  1. FTTP (fiber to the premises)

FTTP is the fastest broadband connection and is polar. But the availability in a different location is a big downside. If you want to request a fiber optic connection, make sure it is available in your area.

  1. Fixed wireless

this kind of connection works with a dish shape antenna to connect devices to the internet over short distances to a tower to supply a broadband connection. This choice can offer a decent broadband connection for the area with no obstruction and within the providers’ range.

  1. Satellite

A satellite broadband connection offers internet to all over the world and sometimes is the only solution in some locations. Unfortunately, the latency between sending and receive data makes it hard, and there is some other solution with higher rates.

  • WiFi is usually mixed up with a kind of broadband solution. However, the technology allows a wireless device, connect to any broadband solution with a router or modem.

broadband internet connection

three major types of broadband internet connections

perhaps when you decided to request a broadband internet service, you search and look for the best. Some classes and kinds come to you more than others in your search, which might push you to request one of them cause they seem reasonable, and others have good experience using them.ADS, cable, and fiber are three major types of broadband internet connection that usually people choose to use.

These three types are commonly used. You can narrow your option and look at which one is the most suitable for you. Dial-up was the only means of internet connection and nowadays is rarely used. It was replaced by the ADSL system years ago. For getting a better perspective, it would be best to review each one.

What is ADSL broadband internet?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The technology that makes transferring data (uploads and downloads) faster over existing copper phone lines and compared to dial-up is much quicker. DSL is one of the most used types of internet broadband connections.

It avails a DSL filter device that separates the telephone voice signal from the digital data-based on their frequency and allows them to share the same line with little or interference. The first advantage of ADSL being cheap, the price gives everybody the ability to enjoy using a speedy internet service.

But compare to cable or fiber, it is slower. The maximum download speed in ADSL is 24 Mbps and upload speeds of 3.3 Mbps.

By now, you may realize if you are looking for a cheap, with an average speed, broadband that covers most of your needs, ADSL is the suitable choice for you. But in case you are looking for faster downloads and uploads, other options are waiting for you.

  • DSL is a vastly available broadband connection that can use the same wire as a landing telephone. It’s cheap, and because of the wire material (copper), it is the slowest broadband connection.

data transfering

What is cable broadband internet?

To be exact, the phrase used in the industry for the cable internet means hybrid fiber-coaxial. A hybrid network is the fast speed version of the coaxial cables. A coaxial network cable is just a copper cable with conductive layers. They are designed for radio signals, tv cables, and the internet, which means no chance of interference from phone signals.

Imagine the network infrastructure as a tree; the routs are the fiber optic that connects the cities, towns, and local fiber optic nodes and universities. Branching off from this backbone are coaxial cables that run down your street and finally connect directly to your home.

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As a user, you could consider cable broadband internet service for transferring heavy data like digital TV. The broadband internet connection speed makes it easy, fast, and reliable to use.

About download and upload should mention that maximum speed can be up to 100 Mbps, although this is usually about 50 or less, based on different factor like congestion or old hardware, the rate could be ups and downs. And don’t forget that higher speed requires more money.

  • Cable internet is one of the most popular services in many countries; it offers high-speed internet access over the same cable TV lines. Cable connection is an unsymmetrical service, which means the download service is much faster than the upload.

fiber internet

What is fiber broadband?

By now, optical fiber broadband is the fastest technology available. Fiber connection offers high speed; above all other types of broadband internet connections, fiber broadband can transfer hundreds of gigabits per second and usually up to 100 Mbps.

Usually, optical fibers are so thin. Just like glass cables that light signals transmitted through them. Compared to other types of broadband internet connections, fiber optic has several advantages; it can impart a much higher speed of data over long distances and be more reliable.

Because of its material (thin glass), it’s protected from electromagnetic interference. It would make everything have less risk of mixed signals.

Most fiber broadband users claim that the cost is the main downside; optic fiber cables are expensive to install. However, it has a one-time installation and requires very little preservation. Besides, you can manage to purchase a cheaper plan from your provider in exchange for lower speed.

  • Fiber optic technology turns electric signals that carrying data into the light and send them through clear glass fibers about human hair’s width. Fiber supply data rate far redundant current cable modem or DSL speeds, usually by tens or even hundreds of Mbps
  • The actual rate of transferring data you would experience will depend on so many factors like how close your device the service provider brings and how it configures the service, including the amount of bandwidth used. Your fiber broadband provider could simultaneously bring voice (VoIP) and voice video services, like video-on-demand.
  • Telecommunication provider services sometimes offer fiber-optic broadband in a limited area and have announced plans to expand their fiber networks and provide internet access, video services, and bundled voice.

5G mast 3d rendered type

Are there other types of internet connection kind?

Mobile internet

Here is an important question; besides all the types of broadband internet connections, are there any kinds of internet connection or not? There is always something more in the technology area, and internet connections are not an exception. Mobile internet is another type of connection you can use.

It donates a wireless internet connection with the same connectivity and coverage as the cell phone carriers. With a portable modem or hotspot, you can connect to the net, and it is different from the fixed-line modem connected by telephone line or cables.

Many people prefer to use this kind of connection for regular low everyday use; speed rates are typically excellent and easy to use. Sometimes it can be faster than fixed-line internet; there is no need for installation, and it’s always by your side.

There are some downsides, too; it doesn’t allow you to transfer extensive data, can be more expensive than a fixed=line connection, and if the mobile signal is weak, it won’t work correctly.

5G home internet

It is just like the mobile hotspot with a small difference; it’s mobile broadband that exclusively designs home uses. To make the connection, mobile companies install a small cell tower near a wired fiber source.

These towers deliver data to the 5G home router or WiFi modems, making the data provide your smartphone or other devices that need internet.

It’s not widely available everywhere now yet, but significant phone company begins to install cell towers city by city, and it would be available soon for everybody around. The advantages of the 5G internet should be mention that it is capable of transferring data.

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There is no need to install software or hardware at gig rates, and the price is reasonably good. But the downsides are; the availability and no landline bundles, and because it’s new, there is not enough feedback about its functionality.

web surfing

Make the best choice

Your location would narrow down your options about the kind of internet connection you want; some connection type may not even be ideal for you; imagine that you do all the search and evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of connection types and decided that fiber internet is the best choice for you.

Still, when you agreed to request one, you see that a fiber connection is not available where you live. It’s best to check the availability of your desire connection in your area to avoid this kind of incident. It’s not complicated at all; check your postcode and telephone number via the provider’s website, and everything is good to go.

What is your ideal speed?

Your online experience mainly depends on the rate of your connection. When all the web pages load quickly, and you can easily upload your data and reach them to your friend or college on time, you are satisfied and can take care of other things you wish. So don’t ignore your desirable rate.

If you are working online, streaming video, or even making video calls constantly, it’s best to consider a good internet service at high speed. Still, if you need the internet for the everyday routine of life, a super speedy connection won’t be necessary for you. High-speed connection internet is for those who have multiple users and devices in households.

Almost all internet connection types offer different maximum and minimum speeds, and you need to note your average daily rate may not meet this threshold.

So make up your mind, if you have 5 to 6 user at home that all needs the connection for online services and platforms, you need the maximum rate and fiber or cable is good enough for you (if they are available in your location) remember that satellite connection provides the least quality for you and its not so reliable connection.

So if and only if you are in a rural area, consider DSL for your first option before a satellite plan.

Make a steady budget.

When you evaluate all the options about requesting connection service and figure out all the terms about speed rate that would make you satisfied and fin into your daily habits, then you have to set up the last, but the most critical factor; cost.

Among all the connection types, fiber is the newest, fastest, and more expensive one. But different plans may cover your budget for the internet service, so don’t lose all your hope because you heard that fiber is so costly to use, see all the plans, then decide.

This routine would work on every kind of internet service. They all have different methods, and you can choose what suits you the best.

Some services like DSL is budget-friendly, but the result is not as good as you expect, so get into the searching mood and dig to all plans of all type of connection, you might find what is best to request and make an enjoyable experience among different types of broadband internet connections.

Make up your mind and choose the best.

With all the information you get from different types of broadband internet connections, you can compare plans, note each other’s pros and cons, and request one. Don’t forget to check the availability of the connection type in your area.

Remember, as broadband services grow in your area, more and more options will become available, and you have more options. Even if some plans do not cover your site, keep checking new methods; every day, there is something new available.

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