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What Reason Makes Businesses Get Fiber Optic Internet?

fiber optic for business
Posted on Oct 31, 2021


Fiber optic internet has become a lot more prevalent in the past few years. A big reason for this is the incentive to create faster and faster networks and competition between companies to provide them. Fiber optic cables can carry far more data than copper cables. Suppose you’ve ever found yourself sitting at your computer with your Netflix streaming video looking like a slideshow instead of a smooth video. In that case, that’s your internet connection slowing down because you’re using too much bandwidth. The more customers an ISP has, the higher their bandwidth needs will be to accommodate everyone.

Companies have been speeding up and increasing their bandwidth to stay competitive with companies like Netflix and Amazon. They both provide streaming video that is very reliant on high-speed connections to provide a good user experience.

Another big reason for the need for faster internet speeds and its prevalence has been the rise of smartphones, tablets, and devices such as smart TVs. These all require faster speeds to run optimally.

fiber optic for business

What is the need for faster internet speeds?

Is it just about watching movies and things of that nature? What other uses are there?

Well, let’s take Netflix as an example since they’re the ones driving demand for higher download speeds. You can’t watch Netflix on your phone or tablet if you don’t have a fast enough internet connection. Even if you can watch it on your phone, the quality of the video will be a lot lower since a higher bandwidth connection allows for better quality video streaming. This applies to other companies as well, such as Hulu and Amazon Video. If these services didn’t provide high-speed connections, either the quality of the video would suffer, or you’d have to spend a lot more time waiting for your show to buffer before you could start watching it. This also applies to websites with rich media content, such as YouTube. You can see how even just watching videos online requires fast internet speeds to provide a good experience.

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Now let’s talk about the future of the internet. With more and more people getting online, ISPs will have to create high-speed networks that can keep up with demand. For example, let’s say two years from now, a new Spider-Man movie comes out. If everyone in America wants to see it the night, it comes out, and the ISPs will have to be prepared for that. If not, then everyone will become frustrated because there won’t be enough capacity in the network to prevent their movie from buffering every couple of seconds.

Having high-speed internet helps people get what they’re looking for quickly. If you want to watch an episode of your favorite show, you won’t have to wait for it to buffer before you can start watching. If you’re going to watch the big game this weekend, you’ll be able to stream it without any issues or having to pay through the nose for a cable subscription.

What are some examples of companies that currently provide fiber optic internet?

And how does their pricing compare with traditional cable and DSL providers?

There are many companies such as Verizon, Cox Cable, Comcast, Google Fiber, and AT&T that provide fiber optic internet. Their pricing will vary depending on which company you go through and where you live. However, there’s not much difference between them all in terms of service and prices. They’re all the same in that they offer high-speed fiber-optic internet.

Many of these companies also provide cable and DSL service, but the fiber is a much better alternative for speed and overall quality. Fiber optic networks are more reliable than their traditional counterparts because there’s no electromagnetic interference with signals along the way. The result is a much more consistent connection.

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Who is responsible for laying down these lines in the first place?

Is it the ISPs, or are its cities and towns? Where does this responsibility lie?

Fiber optic cables do not require a lot of physical infrastructures to be laid to provide high-speed connections, which makes them cheaper and easier to deploy than other connection types. Thus, it’s up to the ISPs themselves to lay down these cables and provide service to their customers. However, they might not be able to do so if certain cities or towns don’t cooperate with them or change their policies at all.

Do you think that everyone should install fiber optic internet in their homes?

I do think that everyone should switch to fiber-optic internet. It’s much higher quality than traditional cable and DSL, it’s more affordable, and the speeds are phenomenal. The only reason you’d want to stick with slower speed connections is if you live far away from where the cables are laid or in a secluded area without internet access.

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