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Who Are the Best Business WIFI Providers

business wifi providers
Posted on Jan 5, 2021

This article presents an introduction to wireless communication and business wifi providers to get a deeper understanding. In general, the purpose of wireless or radio communication is to send and receive information by electromagnetic waves through the propagation of electric and magnetic fields between one or more points. To better understand wireless and business wifi providers, it is good to know about electromagnetic waves.

James Clark Maxwell was a scientist who mathematically theorized electromagnetic waves. As you see in the following picture, the two electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other (at an angle of 90°), which oscillate with time and space and move in a certain direction. (We will discuss the wave spectrum in this article).

According to the image below, the electric field (E) changes in the Y direction, and the magnitude of the magnetic field (B) changes in the Z direction with time. The three most important properties of electromagnetic waves are:

  1. Frequency
  2. Wavelength
  3. Energy

business wifi providers - electromagnetic waves. the two electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other

Life is not possible without electromagnetic waves. Each part of the electromagnetic spectrum has a different application and plays a significant role in technology. Moreover, most of the tools we use work with these waves. All BTS towers, mobile devices, wifi systems, computers, as well as audio and video receivers all work with electromagnetic waves. So, it is impossible to imagine today’s world with this level of communication without electromagnetic waves. This method doesn’t use the telephone line because the computer communicates data to the Internet center through radio waves, and there is no need for a cable connection.

Electromagnetic Waves

Radio Frequency Waves

Radio waves have the highest wavelength and the lowest frequency and energy in the electromagnetic spectrum and have different applications depending on their wavelength.

 Band nameAbbreviationFrequencyWavelength
1Extremely low frequencyELF100,000–10,000 km3–30 Hz
2Super low frequencySLF10,000–1,000 km30–300 Hz
3Ultra low frequencyULF1,000–100 km300–3,000 Hz
4Very low frequencyVLF100–10 km3–30 kHz
5Low frequencyLF10–1 km30–300 kHz
6Medium frequencyMF1,000–100 m300–3,000 kHz
7High frequencyHF100–10 m3–30 MHz
8Very high frequencyVHF10–1 m30–300 MHz
9Ultra-high frequencyUHF1–0.1 m300–3,000 MHz
10Super high frequencySHF100–10 mm3–30 GHz
11Extremely high frequencyEHF10–1 mm30–300 GHz
12Terahertz or Tremendously high frequencyTHz or THF1–0.1 mm300–3,000 GHz

The main use of these waves is in communication affairs and is not limited to the FM and EM radio. They are used to send television signals and mobile phones work using these waves. RF waves are also widely used in military applications. Antennas generate radio waves and receive or transmit them.


Microwaves are of a shorter wavelength than radio waves. They easily pass through the atmosphere and clouds, which is why engineers use these waves for satellite communications. Microwaves are used in microwave ovens. These waves raise the temperature of water molecules and heat the food.


Infrared is radiation emitted by hot objects, even humans. radiation is absorbed by objects and heats them. They are the basis of heat-sensitive and night-vision cameras.

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Visible Light

Visible light is the only electromagnetic spectrum section that can be detected by the human eyes. The sun is the natural source of visible light, and cameras work with it.


Although these waves have many uses, they may harm the skin.


We use X-rays to diagnose bone fractures or any abnormalities and also kill cancer cells.

Gamma rays

Gamma rays are the most energetic waves in the spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Radioactive nuclei emit gamma rays.

electromagnetic spectrum- Science diagram

Business Wifi Providers

So far, we know that wireless and wifi service transmits information without wires by electromagnetic waves. The word wireless dates back to the invention of the telegraph and wired telecommunications or maybe dates back to when people used smoke, fire, and flags to transmit messages over long distances. Wireless communication has been studied since the 1960s, Since the mid-1990s, researchers have done more researchs due to the increasing demand for wireless communications.

In 2002, the number of mobile phones exceeded the number of phone lines in the world. After that, in 2005, there were about two billion mobile phone users in the world, and in 2007 that number reached 3.3 billion.

Business wifi providers  use several types of wireless internet technology as follows:

  1. – WPAN: Wireless Personal Area Network
  2. – Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  3. – WMAN: Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
  4. – Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Advantages of using wireless internet service:

  • – You can use wireless internet in places with no wiring.
  • – Users can move, so there is no limitation. Wireless networks provide real-time access to information, and users don’t have to stay in a specific location.
  • – Wifi internet is cost-effective.
  • – Users can access the Internet connection even outside their work environment. For example, hotels and educational centers allow their customers to connect to the Internet for free.
  • -wireless service is scalable. If your users’ number increases suddenly in wireless networks, you can serve them with the same network equipment.
  • – You can take advantage of high security.
  • – If wireless networking is configured professionally, you will easily make the necessary changes or upgrades.

closeup of a wireless router and a man using smartphone on living room at home ofiice , Concepts wifi connect . business wifi providers

How To Choose Business Wifi Providers?

The first important thing is to specify your companies’ current and future needs, especially If you have a small business. Because the service cost is an important factor for you. Either you buy a service that doesn’t meet your needs or buy a plan with higher features than your requirements, you have made a wrong decision. You can easily figure out what Business wireless internet companies will be the best for you. A good business internet for you is whatever let your employees do their task without limitations.

Consider asking these questions. for instance

  • – Do you need video conferencing and live-streaming?
  • – What’s the number of users and devices that are going to use the internet?
  • – How long will your users use the internet?
  • – What internet speed and bandwidth do you need?
  • – How much does your profession depend on the Internet connection? Do you have an online business, and the Internet is one of your basic needs?
  • – How much is your budget?
  • – What equipment will you require? Do you have it? Does your provider provide it, or you have to buy it?
  • – Can your business wireless grow as your business grows?
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Business Wifi Providers

Evaluation and selection of the best business wifi providers can help small businesses and startups find the best business service for their commercial affairs that meet their needs.

wifi internet companies:

These are the best wifi internet companies for business:

  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Comcast
  • Cox

wifi internet companies -

Business Wifi Providers: AT&T

AT&T is one of the best for a small business that looks for top wifi companies because it provides a fast internet connection (speeds up to 10Gbps). It is among business wifi providers that offer fiber-optic internet connectivity and cloud storage. AT&T has DSL plans with speeds from 25 to 50Mbps. Another option is a wireless connection, which is ideal for those who have remote users.

AT&T Business Wifi – What Is It?

AT&T wifi business: According to the AT&T website, business wifi is a flexible solution that is appropriate for any size companies. It is a Cloud-managed wifi solution and is available in 60 countries. AT&T Business wifi is carrier agnostic, which means it can work with any other internet provider. Many users can connect through a single secure solution. You can choose from Cisco Meraki, Mist, and Aruba’s equipment option that is proper for you. After equipment installing and setting up, you can manage your wifi network.

AT&T Business wifiFeatures and benefits
Aruba Central• Reduce the burden on your

IT team

• Speed up your network

onboarding operations

• Gain comprehensive

SD-WAN management

• Centralize the view of

your network health, usage,

and events

• Automate device security

Cisco Meraki•Unified visibility and

control – Manage your

wireless access points,

switches, security/

SD-WAN appliances,

and IP cameras from a

single dashboard.

• 100% cloud-managed

with the ability to scale

networks quickly, reducing


• Zero-touch provisioning

for rapid deployment.

• Built-in multi-site network

management tools.

• Automated network

monitoring and alerts.

Mist•Save time and money with

AI-driven automation

• Monitor user behavior and

drive actionable insights

• Reduce administrative and

IT burden

• Keep better track of your

assets and devices with

location tagging

• Better engage your

customers with location-based marketing


CFBTEL would provide a high rate internet. fiber optic internet service from CFBTEL is affordable, and dedicated bandwidth with business-class uptime guarantees.

it would be ideal for those businesses that have higher downstream than upstream traffic demands, such as customers that heavily use off-premises servers and services or have no servers on-premises;

customers with non-mission-critical applications; branch offices that access applications from headquarters; and remote office locations that upload limited amounts of content.


CenturyLink speedy internet is available in 36 states.  Its popular business internet package is $49/mo for up to 100 Mbps. Remember that speed amount will vary, especially while wireless accessing from different devices. The other Internet package is $65/mo with a speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection. for more information about the installation fee and modem cost, visit CenturyLink.

Comcast: business wifi providers

Comsat is one of high speed and quality business wifi providers that is good for small business to medium businesses. It provides a fast and dependable fiber connection with a speed of 3 to 600 Mbps. It has affordable packages for startups and small businesses with a monthly cost of $69.95 (download speeds =25Mbps). 300Mbps and 600Mbps speed cost around $139.99 and $189.99/mo, respectively.

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Comcast solutions to help your business(+):

Comcast business wifi pro costSpeedPhonePrice
Internet + Phone351 PHONE LINE$64.90/mo
More Speed200$134.90/mo
Even Faster6002 PHONE LINE$249.80/mo


cox business wifi: According to review, Cox has business internet plans for 2 to 4 employees with 25 to 100Mbps and has faster speeds (200 to 500Mbps) for bigger companies. Also, a more expensive plan is available with 1000Mbps or Gigablast S plans. It will cost you around $100/mo. Starter plans start at an affordable price of $29.99. Cox proves to be an affordable ISP among business wifi providers. It is not available in all states, and only 19 states can get business internet.

An antenna of wireless waves in a city

FAQ About business wifi providers

What Is Wireless?

Wireless is a type of communication network connecting to the Internet and transmitting information to distant places by radio waves. For example, mobile networks, satellites, microwave communication networks, wireless LANs. One of the biggest strengths of wifi is easy connecting all types of devices such as computers and phones.

In the past, the only way for connecting computers to each other was network cable, which made many physical constraints. However, with wifi technology, you can wirelessly connect computers and other digital devices, such as cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, TVs, printers, and more, to create a wireless network.

What Is A Wireless Modem?

In short, a modem is a device for receiving internet from telecommunication lines. There are different types of modems. Wireless modem uses radio wave-based data signaling for digital communication. A wireless modem has a wireless access point and shares the internet with other devices.

What Is The Difference Between Wireless And wifi?

Wireless is a general way of communicating and transmitting data, while wifi is a technology or standard for a wireless network that allows wireless data transmission using radio waves. In other words, the term wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is a standard of Bluetooth with more power. So, wifi is a standard for short-distance wireless communication.

What Is Wireless Network Equipment?

A lot of equipment is needed to set up wireless networks, but the most important ones are routers, antennas, and access points. An antenna is a device that converts signals into radio waves and is usually connected to a radio transmitter and receiver. Access points, or APs, control and connect wireless connections to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A router creates a wifi network. It can share the Internet connection on the network and connect other devices to the Internet.

Wireless Internet provided by Business wifi providers is recognized in many new businesses as a useful and effective way to succeed in highly competitive markets. Managers use wireless Internet service to attract customers. Wireless network services are used in various places, including hotels, exhibitions, conference halls, and airports. These services also have many applications in residential homes, offices, and companies. Using business wifi providers services has met users, customers, and travelers’ needs in various environments and has satisfied them.

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