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Why You Need the Best Phone Answering Service?

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Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Know the exact definition of a phone answering service

It is good to review all the production to get which one is good for your business. Every business request to have a phone answering service is necessary to not miss a call from a customer or a potential client in today’s world.

You may confuse the phone answering service with the call center.

Start the article to know the difference between phone answering service and call center, then review why you need a phone answering service for your business.

Know the exact definition of a phone answering service


What is the difference between a phone answering service and a call center?

Like some expert says, practically call center and phone answering service are the same; it’s all about the phone and many people who have to respond via it.

At first sight, you may say they both deal with phones and doing the same thing. Well, it is not.

Although they sound similar, there are some fundamental differences between phone answering services and call centers.

Both operate from a building, with many phones involving and working with computers and headphones answering the calls.

However, the difference between them is not about how they work or the physical appearance; it is more about how they process calls.

What is the difference between a phone answering service and a call center?

What does phone answering mean?

Typically, a phone answering service works for a specific market, and mostly caller speak to a person, like a doctor or real state company and, etc.,

A short explanation of phone answering service, in simple words, is a third-party company that works on behalf of a business to receive and convey messages to the customers.

What does a call center do?

Phone answering services focus on personal and individual calls, whereas call center focuses on information blast dealing with large businesses. They gathered all the requests and sent all the information to the customer and client all at once.

It is suitable to say that a call center is an off-site office that is meant to handle all the business communication needs.

A call center is an easy way or a direct channel for customers to ask questions and get the answer rapidly with respect. Also, call center terms can be used as a sale center and service center.

What does a call center do?


The most important element of phone answering and call center

In this way, we can say that telephone answering service technology is a typical call center, but a call center is not necessarily an answering service.

There is some significant difference between the call center and phone answering service that comes in the following.


A guideline is like having a script for communication. It is the main difference between a phone answering service and a call center.

Both follow some basic rules and specific guidelines, but call center services operate via a scripted environment to describe the complex explanations. On the contrary, phone answering services create a straightforward script to become more available for their staff to follow, ensuring conversation with the customers.

Data and information

Both call center and phone answering services collect essential data from the customers, such as their name, phone number, and context of the problems. And based on the situation, they ask some questions to get more information regarding solving the issue.

Call centers and customer service generally gather a large amount of data on the customer. they have to find a solution over the phone. The call centers try to deliver more comprehensive and in-depth services, leading to more caller data.

Amount of coverage

Phone answering service almost covers everything, from taking and delivering important messages to manage emergency call situations. More importantly, they face a diverse variety of clients in several industries.

In contrast, call centers back up the tough calls by focusing on the client’s issue with a lot of attention and trying to solve it as soon as possible.

Call routing

There is some crucial difference between phone answering service and call center in the call routing area as typical calls are managed differently.

For an answering service, the call would be routed outwards to the right person. Instead of answering to question, they would refer it to the right person to solve the issue.

For example, the phone answering service for an event business would not typically answer the event-related question. They will transfer the call to the right person.

On the other hand, a call center or customer service represents the company, answers all the customers over the phone, and manages the request.

In some rare cases, they would refer the call if they can not provide a suitable solution.

Call duration

The duration of the call center’s call is typically longer. Something between 4-5 minutes at the minimum range, and sometimes it goes up to 15 minutes.

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With these call duration, the call center staff try their best to resolve the issue over the phone, stay with the client and handle tough calls requiring attention.

In contrast, phone answering service operators are trained in a way that they would manage a high volume of calls. They would attend up to three calls at the same time. And the long average call duration is between 1-2 minutes.


One of the main similarities between the call center and phone answering service is that they both concentrate on communication and locate in office buildings with many phones. Headset and keyboards are the most important assets of the call center and phone answering services.

The staff of these services accept inbound calls and make outbound calls to their existing and new customers and work to help them with their issues.

similarities between the call center and phone answering service

Which one is suitable for your business?

If you run a small business, start-up, independent professionals, or entrepreneurs, a phone answering service would be a convenient service, especially for those businesses that look for cost-efficient alternatives to call centers.

The answering service uses simple guidance for initial greeting but communicates like a professional with a warm tone to engage with the clients.

If you have some concerns about the cost of hiring additional staff, a phone answering service is a perfect option. The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, even on holidays. Afterward, your employee would find more time to focus on the tasks.

On the other hand, a call center is the best choice for large companies as it could have more advantages from a high volume of calls. Additionally, it gives the platform to enhance the business image, resolve problems, and significantly create a more substantial customer base.


With all the data and knowing the differences between a phone answering service and a call center, you can choose what is best for your business. Consider all the elements from local/regional providers to reputed/popular companies.

call center is the best choice

Why is phone answering service essential for small businesses?

After reviewing the call center and phone answering service and having more data on their functions, it became apparent that phone answering service would be a better option for small businesses.

In business, first impressions make a good influence. A good phone answering service makes the process easier for costumer and clients to contact your business, which could move you to know the difference between losing a client or catching one from your competitors.

More importantly, it also makes some space to focus on the other issues and think about how to expand your business. At the same time, you have no concern about communication problems between your business and clients.

Once you taste the excellent result of using a phone answering service for your small business, it would be impossible to continue working without it.

Here are some crucial reasons why you have to have a phone answering service for a small business.

Why is phone answering service essential for small businesses?

Forget missed calls

Suppose you provide some service and spending money on marketing without having any sight of your business. That is why sale calls are known as the blood of your business.

Based on the new age of living, several companies and businesses established their sales department online. Still, some people prefer using the phone and solve their issues over the phone.

In this case, most of the customers prefer to speak with an actual person. Sometimes, even in small businesses, there is a low opportunity to find a quiet place to put some employees to deal with the client’s problem.

By requesting a phone answering service from a company, you would be sure that all calls have been taking care of, the messages will deliver to the correct department, and there is not a single missed call.  It would be a suitable alternative when you are not at the office; the phone answering service will forward all related calls to key members’ mobile phones.

Save your money

Hire a receptionist for your small business would be an expensive cost, and you may not consider some extra budget to pay someone to manage it full-time. Still, if you plan this on your budget plan, it is not wise to put extra money on something that doesn’t have enough value. On the other hand, as a small business, you may not have many incoming calls. And it doesn’t justify paying someone to manage incoming calls full-time.

Considering this task for one your own employee is not good either, because it would distract them from doing their original task and negatively affect their job.

Phone answering service represents a considerable amount of time and money. Not only do you avoid paying a salary, but also you have more free space at the office and time. Several small business teams work remotely, and phone answering service counts as a perfect solution to manage remote teams.

Always available

In the contest of a real receptionist, a phone answering service can be managed all day, every time. Which means you are reachable anywhere, even outside of the office. And you can be sure a real person handling all the phones for your business.

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More free time

It is quite common that employees struggle with inbound calls during working hours, which can be extraordinarily distracting and time-consuming. It is also not wise to add extra staff to improve your business because they have to stick by the phone and answer every call, which is not productive.

A good phone answering service filters and forward all the calls, and you can screen calls when you need to concentrate on working with no distractions.

There is no need to pick up the phones. You can easily find out whether the call is from an important client or some sales associate who tries to sell you something. A phone answering service would manage all calls and inquiries, and this will route you in the direction of finding more time to expand your business.

Managing your calendar

Several phone answering services have extra features. Transferring calls is the primary task of the phone answering service; besides, some virtual receptionist can be trained to access your calendar and arrange all your appointments. This counts as a great solution to minimize the time-consuming admin.

call service solution


Personalized service individually

Call answering service typically lets you choose your business’s options and request exemplary service for your business.

The basic level of a phone answering service would be taking messages and filter none important calls. If you need more than that, you can request the receptionist with the unique script, product descriptions, FAQs, and briefings to improve anytime you like.

This means that your customers will be greeted and informed in the way you desired; friendly or formal, it is your choice. You select the best way that suits your business visions. It would improve the connection between you and clients.

A good provider could build the services around your demands and know your business’s needs. You could mention the important point of view and describe your business and data about the staff, which allows the receptionist to manage a lot of basic inquiries without interrupting you during office hours.

Advantage of professional

Small businesses mainly consider the wage of their employee. They need to calculate working hours and the final result and make sure they are doing a good job and are satisfied with their role. With the best phone answering service, you can be free from all the stresses and hiring steps. And you can leave all the calls to the phone answering provider.



A friendly voice

As mention before, you can personalize your virtual assistant and preparing some scripts and guidelines in your way. You can create your desire virtual receptionist and scripts with several services, brand voice, and custom personality you may create elsewhere.

The virtual assistant gives your company legitimacy. Even if you run the business over your laptop in your living room, someone answers your phone and communicates with the clients.

answering service

Access to messages always

Typically most phone answering services. Logged and secure your messages. In case of loss or deleting by accident, there is a copy.  With a phone answering service, you have access to your messages all the time. Many services provide you with a catalog of your messages, and they could be a good resource if you need to refer to a client’s speech at the moment.

It is a big help for everyone on your team to be more coordinated; with messaging service, everyone stays update, and there would be no lack of information.

Never pay more

Every provider has its rules, but mostly there is not a contract to sign. Make a plan and see how much you spend, and you can manage your monthly payment or pay as you use. So you would not receive unexpected bills.

Free trial

Almost every provider has a free trial on their recommend plans. If you don’t make the final decision on whether you need a phone answering service or need more time to evaluate it is working with your business, you can use a free trial of the service and make up your mind. Still small business needs to manage their expenses. With the free trial, you won’t spend anything unlit you make sure it would be the best option for your company.

During the trial time, you can consider some good ideas and write down all the questions to ensure the service is good enough for your business.

Available on your mobile phone

Being available is useful for small businesses, especially those businesses that need to provide customers free support and assistant. Make sure to register your mobile number on your website, and your business is a one-person band.

Every call is a potential client

The concept of the virtual assistant is answering all calls and never missed a call. During the phone answering service, all the messages will be hand over to you, and you can get over them in your free time and check all the unexpected calls to see if they are a new client for your business.

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Call recording

Call recording for small businesses brings many benefits; details are always available, and the best resources are reachable. By recording your calls, you can always count on essential facts that you may forget. Call recording as an individual service in-house can be expensive. With this service, all your vital data and information is always available, and you don’t need to worry about your bad memory.

Higher productivity

statics and many research show that telephone calls are the biggest distraction to the working people. Although answering the call is not the issue, responding and looking for the answer is time-consuming and interrupting.

As a small business owner, you have to make all your focus to expand your business. All your staff selected for a good reason and if you leave extra tasks to them, they might get exhausted and loos all their creativity. Easily you can choose the best phone answering service that would be coordinated with your business requirements. On the other hand, all your employee can use their working time to be more creative and productive.

Higher productivity


How to choose the exemplary phone answering service?

Till here you learn all about phone answering service, the advantages and different from other services. Now is the time to select the proper service for your business. Following is the main factor that you need to consider before requesting one.

Some research shows that the main reason for losing a new client in a small business is missing calls. They do all the hard work and present good ideas, working on the marketing, but just in a second, they missed a phone call, and a potential client walks away.


A phone answering service would have a pleasant effect on your business. Every call will be answered, every message will be handed to you, and you have all the time to go over, check and choose the next level. It would be time-saving, cost-effective and the outcome would be pleasant.

By choosing a phone answering service you can surf among all the advantages, but you need to be careful which service you choose and the plans?

Personalized tone

Among all the phone answering service providers, choose the one that has a customized receptionist. You can not imagine how a friendly voice affects customers. For instance, if your business is in the UK, the best choice is a British accent receptionist. Typically people feel more comfortable if they deal with a familiar and friendly tone over the phone. So make sure about customizing option on the receptionist.

Answer the calls

Be clear on what kind of response rate you want. This is probably why you decided to request a phone answering service; you need to take the business call promptly. Some cases show that if the call ring more than four, the caller cancels the call. So you don’t want to choose a service that doesn’t answer the call at the right moment.

Besides check the provider’s ability, if they can manage calls at a high volume in a specific time. If you run a small business, it may damage your reputation on hold for too long. And there is nothing wrong with asking and make sure they are capable of giving you good service.

Check the quality

Before anything, always check the quality and be sure the provider presents the best service for you. Read all reviews, ask for a free trial first to see if the services, and check all the options to coordinate with all your business needs.

Sometimes there may be a significant amount of background noises on the call center, and you need to be sure that your clients and customers talk through a quiet area.

Make sure the answering service is talking in silent space and feel comfortable leaving a message.

Check the responding hour

When you ask for a phone answering service make sure you know their working hour is the same with yours. And if you run a multinational business, make sure answering services are available during working hours in those countries.

Besides, you can look for a 24/7 option on your service to make sure you get all calls and messages and call them back at the right time.

Extra services

Make sure to consider all the options and paying plans; some providers offer additional call answering, and the money you spend is really worth it. For instance, do they provide call forwarding or recording? Step by step, go forward and check all the options you need for your business and finds extra time to think about expanding your company.

set up routine

The bottom line is you need to work with a provider who works quickly and offers quick services. Based on experiences, providers can set up your account in a week. Other options can be activated during your turn and set up the level of speed you want. It would help if you worked with a company with call handling services to enhance your overall customer experience.


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