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Why You Should Use a VoIP Phone at Home

Why You Should Use a VoIP Phone at Home
Posted on Nov 4, 2021

Cheaper than a landline

Installing and using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may be cheaper than you think if you already have broadband at home. VoIP providers don’t have to lay expensive physical phone lines because voice calls travel over the internet like email. This saves them a lot of money, which they can pass on to you as inexpensive phone plans.

VoIP also reduces or eliminates individual call charges, in many cases for free. And, like the internet, VoIP voice calls transcend borders. That means VoIP ignores local, long-distance and international phone call rates, allowing you to make low-cost calls anywhere in the world.

If you have friends or family abroad, this can save you a lot of money on phone calls.

Simple to install and update

Easy installation is a game-changer for VoIP technology. Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP does not rely on the hardware that comes with the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Installing VoIP does not require a tech wizard, and it is plug-and-play that can be configured via a line to your computer and power source. Calls can be made using the computer’s speakers, a cheap headset or a VoIP phone handset. You can also use a mobile app to make calls using the same VoIP number.

Updates to your VoIP service are as simple as the initial setup, and updates can be downloaded with a single mouse click, requiring no additional software or hardware. Because VoIP relies on broadband internet, it is an environmentally friendly option that we should all benefit from.

Why You Should Use a VoIP Phone at Homes


You always have a phone with you, whether it’s a VoIP app or plug-and-play. This allows customers to keep their phone numbers while away from home. If you’re working, you can even take a headset with you.

Many useful extra features

The amount of add-on technology that comes with VoIP is a significant functional advantage over traditional phone systems. VoIP phones receive data differently, allowing for extra features.

Many VoIP phone services include features that would have cost extra or been impossible with traditional phone systems. Call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, and electronic and video messaging are just a few options.

It simplifies moving

Contacting the carrier to transfer phone lines is a necessary but tiresome task for traditional telephone service. This step is eliminated because VoIP is not tied to a specific sequence, device, or residence.

Like a regular phone, a VoIP phone can be unplugged from the modem and moved to a new location while keeping the same phone number and account.

Constantly improving

Like businesses, more consumers realize that VoIP is the future of all telephone communication.

Modern telecommunications have rendered the traditional PSTN obsolete, and telephone companies have already begun to reduce their investment in it. VoIP is becoming a common feature of the home and will continue to be, more and more.

With 5G set to revolutionize the mobile internet, VoIP’s potential is set to grow. Companies are investing less and less in copper phone lines, motivating many households to future-proof their phone systems with VoIP.

What are you waiting for? Contact CFBTEL online or at (800) 211-6155 to find out more about the right VoIP phone for you.

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