What CFBTel Can Provide

For small and mid-sized businesses, CFBTel’s cloud phone solutions give you all the features you would expect from a large company’s system.

Business Phone System

With only a VoIP phone and an internet connection, you can manage employees as well as communicate with clients who are in multiple different locations. Utilize features like auto attendant, conference bridge, music-on-hold, and corporate directory with this multi-purpose business tool.

Cloud call Center

Your virtual call center will be accessible from anywhere. Employees have secure and easy access to shared information, and calls are able to be monitored for quality assurance. Increase productivity while working away from your brick and mortar location or manage a fleet of virtual offices. It’s up to you!

Voice Broadcast

We offer a robust voice broadcasting platform that is made and dedicated for the serious business players in the wholesale marketplace. Our hosted voice broadcasting helps to unlock a powerful suite of tools designed to take your business to the next level. Whether you need 5,000 ports or 30,000, CFBTel will provide you with exactly what you need. Other features included in this service are positive answering machine detection, advanced call tracking and reporting, surveys and polling, live transfers, recorded responses, target voicemails, multiple campaigns, advanced scheduling, caller ID, and more.


Our online fax system enables businesses to professionally send and receive faxes from any device. Whether desktop or handheld, manage your faxes effortlessly and securely with CFBTel. Our effective tools enable your business to function with accuracy and speed. For businesses seeking greater productivity and cost-efficiency, CFBTel fax is the smart option. Keep your fax line or open a new one. Whatever you choose, CFBTel will enable you to communicate via fax from any internet capable device.

Predictive Dialer

CFBTel’s predictive dialer will enable you to easily and effectively convert raw statistics into comprehensive data, navigate through the system, convert your leads into happy repeat customers, and resolve issues swiftly via multiple networks. Thanks to these features in our predictive dialer package, businesses who work with us have been able to increase their sales by more than 80%. Increase your workforce and your profits as CFBTel supports your business growth as leaders in the call center industry.

What Hardware Options Does CFBTel Offer?

We offer a wide variety of office phones and systems that are designed to cater to the varying needs of different sized companies. If you are in the market for new cordless phones, desk phones, headsets, or other tools for call center based communication, please take the time to browse our vast array of options to determine which options are best for the needs of your business.

Virtual Offices vs. Brick and Mortar

Whether you are interested in maintaining a virtual office or supplying your brick and mortar locations with cloud-based services, CFBTel’s selection of communication options is able to fit into any size company with any size budget. Call today to speak with a representative to see which package would be right for you.

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