CFBTEL exemplifies unparalleled customer service excellence. Their steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional quality service has translated into minimal downtime and disruptions for us. With the assurance of a dedicated team of experts backing us, we rest assured, confident in the high-caliber service and innovative solutions they provide. The high level of service CFBTEL has provided equips our business with a distinct competitive edge.

Matt Sabrkhani Senior Manager
Regenerative Medical Group


The biggest benefit of having CFBTEL as our IT provider is their team's responsiveness and problem-solving capabilities. We feel our IT needs are in capable hands. They go above and beyond to communicate effectively. They are on-call 24/7, which allows us to be able to get ahold of someone at their office whenever we run into problems. I would recommend CFBTEL to any company looking for a reliable IT provider. We are a small business, but your team always makes us feel valued and appreciated.

Mary VandeBossche Director of Operations
Vande Bossche Financial Planning & Wealth Management


CFBTEL is easily accessible whenever we require a solution to any IT-related problem. Whether it be a locked computer, or phone troubles, CFBTEL is quick to respond to our problems. Johnathan at CFBTEL is an exceptional IT technician. He’s responsive, a problem solver, and has an answer for everything. His reasonable approach, productivity, and educational explanations make him the best IT tech I have encountered! Having good customer service and being able to take suggestions sets CFBTEL apart. If you are looking for catered IT services, I would highly recommend CFBTEL.

Dr. Afshin Mashoof Owner
Cerritos Surgery Center


The outstanding customer service provided by CFBTEL has given them an A+ by our standards. There is no comparison when it comes to CFBTEL’s level of service and ability to go above and beyond what is required. We are treated like family, true family by everyone at CFBTEL. There is no other IT provider like CFBTEL. Outstanding customer service 24/7 and completely drama free.

Sam Mirabile Vice President
ICC Collision Centers


As the business owner, the biggest benefit for me in working with CFBTEL is peace of mind. Peace of mind when it comes to IT, phones, network etc. Being able to focus on the business, on the staff, on clients, on marketing, and knowing all computer, network, phone, IT related issues are always an email away from being taken care of. This is huge. I have entrusted my IT needs to CFBTEL since I opened my company in 2010. The company is run by IT professionals with decades of experience who take customer service seriously, meaning we benefit from great technical experience, customer service experience, and problem-solving experience. From the top down, we are treated with respect and empathy toward our time and business. If you are on the fence about choosing CFBTEL as your IT provider, there is no need. Choose them. They will treat your company as if it was their own.

Ben Borazzi Owner
Professional Staffing & Marketing Inc.


The COTS Group has thrived for over 40 years, and we've partnered with CFBTEL for 15 of those years. One of the greatest advantages of our relationship with CFBTEL is their unwavering support. With over 250 employees relying on smooth operations 24/7, our daily work hinges on skilled IT support. Fortunately, CFBTEL has consistently come through for us, whether resolving internet issues, addressing software glitches, or managing power outages. Their round-the-clock commitment has been invaluable. Personally, I wholeheartedly recommend CFBTEL for both business and personal needs to all my friends.

Mo Garkani President & CEO
The COTS Group


We have found tremendous value in integrating our internet, phone, and IT services into a comprehensive package, saving us money while ensuring seamless operations for both virtual and in-office users. The exceptional service provided by CFTBEL has been instrumental. Their customer service promptly resolves any challenges we encounter, particularly in optimizing our complex EMR and ancillary software that has helped with issues such as Jotform and Splashtop. Their integrated approach not only saves costs but also enhances efficiency by effectively managing and resolving IT issues.

Dr. Sy TSI Owner
The Urology Center of Southern California

Whenever an issue arises, CFBTEL is dedicated to promptly resolving it, ensuring minimal disruption to our operations. We greatly appreciate how your team consistently addresses our queries with swift responses, demonstrating a commitment to effective communication and support. They exhibit strong decision-making skills; however, ensuring clarity in their communication of requirements would further enhance our collaborative efforts.

Dalila Baltazar Office Manager
Cleanmart USA


CFBTEL offers a user-friendly system that ensures seamless collaboration. They excel in customer service and boast a responsive help desk. With competitive pricing and exceptional overall service, they are highly recommended. Their commitment to fast response times and dedication to business success build trust by showcasing the benefits and efficiency of their services. They provide hands-on support to ensure your satisfaction.

Mathew Bord Senior Associate Director
Rockstone Realty